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I promised that I would post the details of my interview with Pishro Alipour-Alan here. This is it- happy reading.

On Saturday, October 10th, 2020, I was very fortunate to interview Pishro Alipour-Alan about his refugee experience. 

With his consent, I have used his name and published his story on the Miss World Canada blog. 

Pishro is a very active Kurdish Canadian. He has been a voice for injustice for so many vulnerable people. 

Pishro and I

Pishro is a singer, and he has told me about the challenges and experiences he has had ever since he became a Canadian citizen. 

In 2014 Turkey became the country that accepted the highest number of refugees, Pishro was one of the refugees.

Pishro had to flee from the Iranian embassy due to political reasons. In 2007 he had plans to go to the United Kingdom, but he made his way to the UN in Ankara, Turkey. In 2011, Pishro agreed to come to Canada. In the following interview dialogue, Pishro opens up about his experiences as a political refugee- please read what he has to say;

Melody: What made you decide to leave your country?

Pishro: Politics, Peshmerga, and the trouble with Media.

Melody: Tell us about your refugee experience in Turkey?

Pishro: It wasn’t easy. Nobody cared about refugees. There was no safety for us, and I received a lot of threats. I remember it was 5 am one day, and someone broke into the place I was living in Turkey. I was so lucky because I could hear the sound of the window and door open and the floor creaking. I reported to the police that someone broken into my place through the window, but nothing was done. It is not safe for refugees in Turkey; the risks are high, especially for Kurds and women. No one cared, jobs were hard to find, and we needed to pay for rent.


Melody: Did you apply for refugee status in any other country?

Pishro: I wanted to go to Sweden or Norway because of my friends and family. My application took seven months instead of one year. Eventually, I had an interview with Canada immigration which was successful. They asked many questions because I used to work for the media. I had my TV show and spoke about politics.

Melody: How has your experience been in Canada?

Pishro: It was not very easy in the beginning because of the language barrier. I was very fortunate to have some friends already living here. My connections with friends made it easier for me to find employment. It wasn’t easy to get financial support to pay my rent. The Monthly support provided is not enough, and living costs are relatively high, especially if you do not have a job. Canada is also a very safe country, so I am thankful for that.

Melody: What are the common barriers you believe refugees and immigrants face today?

Pishro: There needs to be more support in every area. If I did not have friends in Canada, I would not be able to find employment or afford to buy things. Some organizations can help, but the language barrier is a  major problem.

Melody: What do you like about Canada?

Pishro: Canada is a safe country, and the government acknowledges human rights.

Melody: Do you believe mental health is an important issue? Especially for refugees?

Pishro: Yes, I do, refugees are going through a hard time, and there is a lot of stress. Everything is expensive, and the rent is high.

Melody: Thank you very much for allowing me to interview you today to share your experiences as a refugee.

I hope you learned something from that interview with Pishro; it is good to show love to other people because you may not know what they are dealing with. Let’s change the world, starting with the people around us.

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