If You Had All The Time In the World What Would You Do?

If you asked someone this question about 10 months ago… they would call you crazy. When would you ever have all the time in the world to do whatever you want?

During the pandemic I promised myself I would come out of quarantine with a new skill. 

10 months later, I am a business owner. 

Myself and four other really good friends have dedicated endless hours to learn everything about Ecommerce from the back end of running ads to the visual side of what our customers see on our website. Through the pandemic the importance of an online presence has become even more important and prevalent than ever. We live in a digital world, where there is so much opportunity to penetrate your audience and give them everything they need at their fingertips. 

Although I am not an expert yet I know that I will get there with the help of the mentors I have around me. I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time and I want to be able to share this knowledge with young adults my age and show how much opportunity there is to make a career out of this. 

It started out as something for me to learn about but with a motivating team around me, we have made this a almost full time hustle project. At first it was very overwhelming and I could not have imagined doing it without one of my best friends, business owner and mentor by my side. I would not have known where to start and I can definitely see how starting a shopify store and things like interest targeting, page post engagement campaigns, seller pulse and blue ocean products can seem intimidating and sound too complicated… because I thought just that. 

But, now my team and I are weeks away from launching our first store!Here are some of our tips for success!

1. Do your product research!

Decide what it is that you want to sell… You can decide based on demand or something you are passionate about. This is  a tricky thing to figure out because you want to find products that are in high demand, but stay away from anything that is too saturated. My team and I like to call this your blue ocean products… picking something you are passionate about will help you stay invested in your project and allow you to target your customer as you feel some sort of emotion to the products or services you are selling.

Resources: Aliexpress and Sourcinbox

These are two great places to source your products from, but it is always important to keep some key factors in mind;

  • Price points of the products
  • Shipping expenses
  • Shipping times (where is the product coming from?)

Once you have this info and a product margins sheet prepared… it’s time to take a look at product trends and your competitors through seller pulse Here’s a helpful tutorial on how to navigate it!


2.Get Creative!

It’s time to think of a name and logo for your website!

This is the fun part, use your creativity and be as unique as possible. If you like drawing and curating you can easily make your own logo and be more cost effective. Or you can hire someone at fiverr.com to help you out in this department. As for your store name, make sure it is original and available by using ionos.com  and be sure to check  it’s availability on all socials as you work on towards those in the future. 

3.Website creation

Personally this is one of my favourite parts! I love designing and creating an aesthetic. When working with Shopify at first, I didn’t know where to start, but it’s all about familiarizing yourself with all the features. Youtube will be your best friend! There are so many themes to choose from, so definitely do your research before settling on one. Here is where you should take the opportunity to browse your competitors websites and take what you like and improve on it. Decide what it is that sets you APART…. Why are people going to choose to shop with you versus your competitor? 

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Colour scheme!!! Stick to two colours 
  • Stay organized, keep all your products in collections, so with a click of a button your customer can find what they are looking for
  • Slideshows with engaging pictures and call to actions are perfect for the home screen (use pexels.com for high quality free download images)
  • Have a brand statement! Why are you unique? What is your brand mission?
  • Stick with the same background in all your product images, this will keep your store clean and appealing
  • Add social proof!! This is so important. Import customer reviews through aliexpress and curate testimonials through elfsight.com 

4. Your Ads and Copywright

The ads you create will be used on Facebook! You want to make sure they have;

Hook- grab your customers attention within the first three seconds

Value- How does your product help/change/improve your customers life

Offering- give them some sort of incentive ex.promo

CTA- Tell them to SHOP NOW!!!

You want to make your ads and copywriting as emotionally targeting as possible, and make it align with your customers needs. You can get your ads made through Viral Ecom Ads with a fee, or if you have equipment and the products, be creative and make your own!

5. Social Media!!!

Create brand visibility!!! You wouldn’t trust a brand with no social media right? So why would others? Social media is so important to differentiate yourself and show that you aren’t just another shopify store… you are a brand.Facebook and Instagram should be your priority. Facebook is where you will run your ads, but it will generally have an older target audience so keep that in mind, with the content you decide to post on your feed.Instagram is an easy platform through hashtags to gain a following and attract them to your website. All about aesthetic. Create a lifestyle, don’t post product pictures, instead post funny memes, quotes, cute pictures… 

If you have the time you can always expand your socials onto Pinterest and Youtube! But, don’t overwhelm yourself and let anything take the backseat, because you are putting too much on your plate!

Overall, you have to want to put in the time and effort to achieve your goals! Nothing comes over night and it will take practice, failures and there will be a lot of bumps in the road. There are so many resources available to you and you can learn almost everything on youtube. I hope this information helps in some way and shows you that you can go from knowing nothing to running an entire Ecommerce store! 

Best of luck!

“You will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined”

 Impossible is just an opinion.

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