Hey everyone! It is me again, Miss Etobicoke 🙂

I wanted to share with you about my hobbies and interests. Growing up, I always loved listening and playing music. I’ve played the recorder, xylophone, bongos and to even the steel pan. You can say that they are diverse instruments. For my personally, I enjoy learning and exploring new instruments from different countries. For example; for those who do not know what a steel pan is, it is a Caribbean instrument originated from Trinidad and Tobago. It is made out of an oil drum (a medal drum used for transporting oil). People such as Ellie Mannette, Winston “Spree” Simon, and Tony Williams are credited as pioneers of the steel drum, creating the 12 notes of he chromatic scale on a single pan.

I’ve been playing steel pan for almost 9 years now. The “Pan” that I been playing for a time now is the Soprano (single pan). There are also other types of steel pan such as the Double Tenor, Alto (two pans), The Cello Pans (three Pans) and the Bass Pan (six Pans). I have started playing the steel pan in grade 9-12 where I won the Etobicoke’s Student Teacher Award in 2015. I’ve decided ought myself my own steel pan about 2 years ago so that I can be able to play and practice at home. Even though a steel pan is a Caribbean instrument, you can play any genre of music that you like. The songs that I play are usually Bollywood and Soca songs which sounds beautifully on steel pan. I performed a Bollywood mix at my first pageant last year which was a really good experience for myself and boost my confidence as well. I feel like it is good o put yourself in uncomfortable situations where you get to learn about yourself.

An interest that I have also since I was little was dancing. I used to perform for my family all the time. I would watch Indian movies and try to copy the moves the these beautiful actresses would dance. Dancing brings me happiness and allows me to be who I want to be. I am not a professional dancer nor do not take any dance classes yet but I do enjoy creating my own dance moves to perform for family and friends. Last year, my oldest cousin was finally getting married and I got the opportunity to perform for her. It was very nerve racking at first, only because my cousin and I had less then a month to practice two separate dance pieces (Bollywood and Chutney). I also got the best opportunity for my father to join me in one of the dances as a surprise for my cousin. Which was a crowd pleasure as well.

My last hobby/interest that I have would be modelling. Since the end of last year, some photographers reached out to me and asked me to do some photography with them. Now I was Skeptical at first because one I am not a tall skinny model, I am 5’1 petite women. Two, I do not know the first thing there is about modelling. So again, I have decided to take a chance and put myself in an uncomfortable situation where I have learned that I love to model in front of a camera. I have one AMAZING photographer which I will put his Instagram at the end of this blog! I have learned through modeling that it is important to build a friendship and trust with your photographer. You have to be able to be comfortable with them before starting anything and making sure that you have a friend when meeting them got the first time. Even though I am not working with big time modelling agencies, this is still an opportunity for my to get out of my comfort zone and explore about my self through modelling. After my first photo shoot, I felt that I have gained a lot of confidence within myself and that I was able to explore different kind of photography. Unfortunately I was not able to upload pictures from my photo shoot but you are able to check out my IG: Simone_oxox to check out my photographers skills which by the way his IG: Kristianphotographyy

Thanks for reading my blog, I will be back again soon! 😉

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