What’s up!! My name is Tyshaine Page and I am enlightened to have the opportunity to be a part of my very first experience of the Miss World Pageant. I had the honour of being crowned Miss Kitchener-Waterloo World 2020. I am looking forward to tapping into my beauty with a purpose platform at Miss World, that will be taking place this November, exactly a month from today.

I was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario on Friday August 25, 1995 around 10:38AM making me a Virgo. According to my astrological sign, I am known for analyzing, being service oriented and a perfectionist.

Being in love with the need for constant change and challenges, I have yet to live that down. Growing up, I have always been the type to go out of my way to help others. My first start was in elementary school, where I was a crossing guard and an office helper, to then becoming a part of the athletic council in middle school. From then on, my act of helping only grew stronger. In high school, I realized I excelled in problem-solving, public speaking, as I then became the Co-Chief of the students, the executive of the athletic council, and was the lead associate of all events in my final year.

I recently graduated from a collaboratives program of Keyano College and “NAIT” Northern Alberta Institute of Technology both being in Alberta. While studying for my Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management, I was a diligent and highly motivated student. I served as the President of the Student Association, as well as an active member of the Women’s Basketball Team for both of my previous Universities. Throughout my varsity years my team and I have placed 4/4 years at provincials, medalling second twice, and two times at Nationals. Serving in these many different capacities, I gained sufficient and vital knowledge in governance, policy and bylaw development, leadership, and teamwork. Possessing these qualities have demonstrated my ability to push through and achieve my goals with the passion I exude.

Completing my undergrad while wearing the many different hats has opened my eyes to new possibilities, with the Miss World Pageant being one of them. Doing something as unique as this has always been a part of my bucket list, it was just the matter of timing. I have always been so involved in sports that I never had time to excel in other genera of activities. Having the ability and opportunity to represent my city at the national pageant would mean a lot to me. It goes above and beyond the crown. It would be a statement, and a medal of motivations for all girls. I stand for an unrepresented percent of girls in sports who do not see themselves involved in a platform like beauty with a purpose. I believe everyone is beautiful and there are multiple meanings of what beauty looks like. I want to help all females of many ages find their purpose, and I believe that I am the best person to do that. I represent all females who are struggling to find their purpose, females in sport, females who are surpassing the negative connotations attached to be a female.

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Favourite Quote: “Be comfortable being uncomfortable”, as change is constant, ongoing and prevalent and “Hustle is a skill, not everyone can do it”

Favourite Colours: Blue and Pink

Favourite Number: 15

Favourite Food: Pizza and Crawfish

Favourite Shows: Pretty Little Liars, Empire and Power

Favourite Music Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap and R&B

Favourite Holiday: Thanksgiving


Catch yah on the flip side, later days

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