Hi everyone! My name is Sasha Lombardi and I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. After studying television and film production in Chicago, I returned to Toronto to continue my education. I graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts specializing in Social Cultural Anthropology and a minor in Environmental Anthropology. I recently completed my Bachelor of Education Degree, and I am working as a teacher in Toronto.

I have dedicated myself to partnering with non-profit organizations, and I have volunteered all over the world. My advocacy includes the Salvation Army, Good Shepherd, The Hospital for Sick Children, Best Buddies, Socks4Souls Canada, and Hands For Hunger. I created The Givers Movement, a link and pathway to non-profit organizations that match the skills and resources individuals have to offer. Since its inception, I have been working tirelessly to expand the network of non-profits featured on The Givers Movement by volunteering and learning about them firsthand.

I understand that everyone has their own preference in how they give, and one of my most memorable moments was bringing my best friend to volunteer and clean up a littered field! I am proud to have integrated my environmental platform into my advocacy. In order to maximize my voice and platform, I am pursuing a business certificate at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.

As a former Canadian ambassador to Miss Eco International, founded by the LTCP-United Nations Project, I have learned the importance of engaging young people with environmental issues and sustainable development. Through school visits and presentations, I have had the opportunity to not only share my experiences, but to learn from our future generation of leaders and change-makers. As a mentor, I also use my platform to conduct workshops and presentations with young people, encouraging them to recognize their self-worth and individuality.

My education, experience in public speaking, philanthropy, and entrepreneurial nature compliments my pageant experience. I am excited to compete for the opportunity of a lifetime to represent Canada on the Miss World stage!

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