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     My name is Keleigh McCall and I am Miss Toronto District 2020. I feel very grateful to represent my home city of Toronto, where I have been living for the past five years. I am currently a student studying Economics and Finance at Ryerson University . I am 24 years old and I was born on November 4th, which means I am a Scorpio.

Some qualities I possess are enthusiasm, determination and resilience. One example of a time when I was  challenged and proved to be resilient was when I injured my spine dancing.

Holding an arabesque at the Palace of Versailles, France 2020

I was a full-time ballet student at Canada’s National Ballet School in the Teacher Training Program 2015-2017. During this time, a traumatic fall resulted in me herniating my L4-L5. For months I was barely able to walk. I did not think I would be able to fully recover my strength. However, I was patient while my body healed and I gradually returned to exercise. Now, I am once again very strong and active daily. I wake up everyday by 6:30 to do yoga and in the Fall of 2019 I ran my first ever half marathon. I finished in 2 hours and 9 minutes.

Photo taken at Common Ground 416, a boutique training gym in Toronto.

A time that proved to be even more difficult for me was when I needed to be mentally and emotionally strong and accept I have lost my ability to dance. Dancing had always been my passion in life and now my dreams of dancing were over. I found in this dark moment, an opportunity to grow and to give back to my community. I applied my knowledge that I gained from rebuilding my body to become a fitness trainer so that I could empower many people to become strong and active. This purpose gave me a renewed sense of life and I realized that my new passion in life is giving back to my community and helping the people in my community to grow.

Attending Immigrant Women in Business Event on International Women’s Day


Speaking about empowering Canadian Women at International Women’s Day.









One of the first events that I attended as Miss District Toronto was the Immigrant Women in Business event on International Women’s Day. This event proved to align well with the program I am studying as well as my desire to eventually open several socially conscious businesses upon the completion of my degree. I spoke to the women and encouraged them that in this beautiful country women have boundless opportunities to achieve their dreams in business. I believe Canadian women have so much to offer to our economy and help our nation thrive through businesses. We are very fortunate to live in a country that accepts and embraces our diversities and allows for opportunities to be available for anyone. This is one of the many reasons I am proud to be a Canadian.

Lake Louise, Alberta.

Last year I took the viarail across Canada to get better acquainted with our entire nation. I have now visited every province at least once! Here I am in beautiful Lake Louise, Alberta. 

Nyhavn River in Copenhagen Denmark. During a wintertime boat tour!



I have a passion for learning about other cultures. Recently I have had the pleasure to travel to Iceland, Spain, Malta, France, Denmark, Germany, Mexico and the United States of America.  






Here I am in Berlin in front of the TV tower on a chilly February morning.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to hold the title of Miss Toronto District. In my next blog post I will shine a light on how I am helping to support my communities during this pandemic. I am looking forward to sharing this information with everyone. I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this challenging time and I hope that soon we will be able to once again go back to our normal routines. This for me will including future travels and of course having the opportunity to compete as Miss World Canada!

Bye bye for now!


Miss Toronto District World 2020

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