Hi everyone! My name is Aiona Santana and I am your reigning Miss Ottawa World! 

Representing the nation’s capital at such a prestigious and incredible pageant is my greatest honour. I wear the name of my city with all the pride in the world, and the light of its citizens in my heart. 

I feel blessed to be able to represent my city in front of the rest of our beautiful nation, and am working hard every day towards being the best representative possible. 

Let me tell you a little bit about me…

I am studying a Bachelor of Music in Voice, a Minor in Arts Management, and a Minor in Business at Carleton University.

All to say that: I love to sing, and I love music 🎵

Throughout these difficult and unpredictable times we’re currently living in, what has given me strength to get up every day and continue working for the future have been the benefit concerts I’ve been organizing to fundraise for The Children’s Wish Foundation. I have been planning weekly live concerts since April that I stream through Instagram and Facebook in order to raise awareness about the amazing work this foundation is doing, as well as connect with some of my followers through music. It’s a way to come together, sing together and all for a good cause.

Enjoy this quick video of my dog jamming to one of the virtual benefit concerts I gave recently 😆: 

The reason why I enjoy performing so much and making music is because I can use this to connect with people who might need it. 

Through another one of my passions which is business and marketing, I founded my own non-profit organization called The Vision Movement and registered it with Corporations Canada as a not-for-profit organization under the Canada not-for-profit Corporations Act. 

This humanitarian initiative is focused on envisioning a better world and making that vision a reality. I combined my passion for art and music with my passion for humanitarian aid to organize initiatives to raise funds for different causes. 

The Vision Movement uses art to raise funds by organizing events such as; benefit concerts, dance classes, art exhibits, etc. While giving exposure to local Canadian artists, The Vision Movement has also fundraised for many causes. Since I founded it in May 2019, my team and I have organized benefit concerts, zumba classes, we have spoken at conferences, and have many plans to continue our work this year, even if it is virtually.

Now, how do pageants play a part in all of this? Well, pageants have opened the door to a whole new world. Having been crowned the first ever Miss Eco Teen Canada in 2019, I was able to carry out my work towards the saving of our environment by using my platform to raise awareness on global warming and environmental related issues that we are facing right here in Canada. I was given the opportunity to take a step further and compete at an international level in Egypt at the Miss Eco Teen International pageant to become a UN Goodwill Ambassador and continue this work. 

Pageants are a way for women to amplify their voices and expand their platforms which they can use to emphasize and draw attention to the issues our world is facing. They give women the tools to use towards the betterment of our society, and to be a role model for anyone who wants to make the world a better place. For this, I am excited to meet all my sisters, have an unforgettable experience, and create friendships that will last me a lifetime!

So, now that you know a little bit more about me, about my passions, my aspirations, and my interests. I invite you to continue following my journey to Miss World Canada. I have been putting in so much work with all my heart and will continue to do so every day out of the 87 days that are left for the pageant to start. (Yes, I counted 😜) 

With my preparation, passion, hard work, and love, I know that I will be ready to take on the Miss World stage, to proudly represent Canada, and give it my all.

Talk to you soon!

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