Hey Everyone! I know it has been a while since I have been on here, so just a little update, I have made more donations to help the community and this time I have donated pizza to the front line workers.

2 weeks ago I got a call from the Brampton Civic Hospital asking if I was still interested in donating pizzas to the front line worker at the Etobicoke General Hospital. Of course I couldn’t say no to them because it was my original idea since the lock down. So, I eagerly told them that I was still interested and is willing to help as soon as possible. Nav, from Brampton Civic Hospital suggested to partner with Little Caesars where I met the owner, Nick. Nick was very kind and patient with my orders. He actually helped paid for HALF of the cost of the pizzas which was unbelievable because he barely knew me but told me he will pay for half the cost. At that point, I was speechless and I couldn’t be any happier. I have also had my dad’s business to help pay for the pizzas as well which I am always thankful for. Since I am daddy’s little girl, my dad will do anything to help me in any way as possible, so longs I mention him in my posts. So, if you are reading this dad, I mentioned you in my post!!

On the day of delivering the pizzas, I was very excited to see the front line workers and to show them that we are still thinking about you in this time as well as appreciating their hard work that they have been doing since the lock down. I am very grateful to be taking part of this amazing opportunity that came my way. I really hope that the front line workers enjoy their treat from me, Little Caesars and my dad! Here are some pictures that they have taken from this day as well as a letter from the hospital which made my day.

I am very thankful for all the work that I’ve been doing since this lock down, I knew since this lock down had started that I had to be really creative with my community work and so far I had made the right decisions so far which I do not regret at all.I really hope that I am making a difference in another ones life because everyone deserve some sunshine in their life.  This is where I am going to end off but I will be coming back real soon. Stay tune for my next blog where i will be talking about my Beauty with a purpose project!!

Signing off,

Simone Mohabir (Miss. Etobicoke Onario 2020)


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