Ladies and Gentleman,

This blog post is dedicated to our outgoing queens: Courtney, Gloren and Naomi. I’m not sure if you will read this but I want to say thank you, congratulations, and farewell! You have all been such lovely queens to see reign throughout the year. I am so grateful to have had the chance to get to know each of you. You have all made Canada SO PROUD and have carried your titles with grace, poise, and dignity.

Our Miss Supranational Canada 2019 and Miss Earth Canada 2020. WOW. I admire your ambition and confidence so much. From placing top 26 at Miss Supranational, to overcoming COVID 19, and then to winning Miss Earth Canada 2020 all in a years time you have truly show what it means to be a resilient queen. We are all cheering for you as you represent Canada virtually at Miss Earth this year. All the best in your future nursing career as well, we need good caring nurses like you serving on the frontlines. Keep glowing girl!

My soul sister! I never thought I would know anyone from Manitoba… and I’m pretty happy to say you’re my go-to gal for this province! From the moment we first chatted I felt an instant connection with you. You come across so friendly and relatable, two qualities any queen should possess. You have also been so lovely and checking in with me to support me on my journey to hopefully follow in your or one of the other queens footsteps. Heel steps? You know what I mean! Congratulations on a fabulous year as Miss Intercontinental Canada 2019 and keep shining wherever your path takes you next!

As graceful as they come, you took the pageant world by storm with your calm yet confident presence. Your aura is always warm and welcoming whether it be through text or chatting via video call. Thank you so much again for your help judging Miss Queen of the Screen. While I wish I could have gotten to meet you in person I understand how time demanding and essential the clinical rotations for nursing school are. I am so proud that you have chosen to dedicate your career to taking care of others. You will be a phenomenal nurse! Congratulations on your TOP THREE placement in the talent portion at Miss World. What an incredible achievement to leave behind for the next titleholder. Congratulations and farewell Miss World Canada 2019!

It would be an honour to follow in the footsteps of any of these lovely ladies. They have all exemplified what it means to be a true Canadian titleholder. Thank you all for your time, compassion, and dedication to serving and helping others. I know that one day our paths will cross and I am SO excited for that day. Until then know my inbox is always open to chat about absolutely anything! Stay safe, keep shining, and farewell queens.

Air hugs,

Maria Giorlando

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