Okay queens and kings,
This title… I am… Wait… I have NO WORDS! We had the honour and privilege of working with THEE Hollywood Jade! That’s right, the man who did the choreography for Rupaul’s Drag Race Canada is helping us with the dance numbers for Miss World Canada 2020. I am a HUGE Rupaul’s Drag Race fan as of this year so you can imagine I pretty much fan girl-ed the entire time working with him. He is so kind, down-to-earth, easy to work with, and more important he is FABULOUS! I think my favourite part of the entire week is when he called my group ‘The Glamazons’ hence the name of this blog post!

Outfit Of The Day

You know I have to do an outfit of the day recap so thank you to gal pal Tessa for once again helping me look and feel like a queen each day of pageant week. I am sporting a soft pink/purple two-piece jumpsuit from The Weekend Walkerville (I’m pretty sure at least) with a pair of silver and gold sparkly earrings. It’s the puffy sleeves and bow at the back for me really. I also was able to get a poppy by the lovely gentleman at the front desk of our hotel. After several days of asking if they had received any he gave me the poppy right off his shirt. How incredibly kind is that?! It is only right and respectful to continue the tradition of wearing a poppy right before Remembrance Day even during pageant week.

Sign The Sash

Today I also made a greater effort to get #SignTheSash around to several more titleholders before the week ends. I had another 9 pageant gals sign and hopefully will get everyone by the end of the week. Some of the girls were so enthused to be able to sign the sash since they had been following its journey since January when I started! I can’t wait for you to listen to their sashing stories. Also, I have the next province the sash is going to… wondering which it’ll be?! Stay tuned to find out. This will be the sixth province the sash is going to and it’ll be a new province too! So exciting that more girls in another province will be able to participate in this campaign! Thank you again to Robbie Lynn with Border City Prints for creating the sash!

Now to rest my feet and my eyes for a bit until the next rehearsal begins. It has been a lovely day and a lovely week, and I can’t believe that tomorrow is the final show! Be sure to register for free beforehand at www.mtcwlive.com to watch!

Thanks for reading and go out and SLAY the day because it is Friday!

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