Today we were able to sleep in! It was nice to feel well rested from the day before. It was perfect because we had a long day of rehearsals. We went over the introduction dance and put everything together. It was nice to work with Shawn and Hollywood. They are professionals indeed!

Afterwards, I had only 10 minutes to get ready for the Talent portion of Miss World Canada. Now, this is the one  I was looking forward to the most. It’s what I love, what I do, and what helped me shape into the person I am today.

Yes, this was my outfit for Talent.

I wanted to show how diverse women can be and change the perception of what “femininity” looks like. We do not have to follow society’s definition of what it means to be a woman. We are diverse and unique in our own ways. Women can dance in sweats/hoodies and hats. We are still BEAUTIFUL. We are fierce and powerful.

Hip hop has changed my life. It gave me confidence, it gave me hope, it drew me closer to my faith, it helped me make healthier choices, and it brought me COMMUNITY. I owe so much to this art form. It needs recognition and respect that it DESERVES. There is so much history of Hip Hop that I appreciate. It was a way to get children off the streets and to escape whatever struggles they had in their lives.

I really hope that my performance showcased all of these things. I just wanted to pay my respects to the special art as much as I can.

Special thanks to Fernando Valles and Nathan Tiangson for the help with the choreography and for being wonderful role models and leaders in the dance community.

And guess what? I made Top 3 for Talent! This means that I get to showcase my talent on the BIG stage for Final Night. I am so grateful for this opportunity to show to the judges and everyone more of who I am. I am more than just a shy, polite girl. I can be powerful, strong and fierce!

I cannot wait for Finale!

Much love,

Julia L.

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