Preliminaries were in the evening of day 5, so in my head it feels like a whole different day. This was honestly such a cool experience and I’m so proud of myself for even getting this far. There were three different events we did in prelims: bikini, evening gown, and fashion runway.


The bikinis that we wore for this event were provided to us by the pageant. I thought that they were so fun and the colour really stood out onstage. I was really confident in my bikini walk. I felt sassy, fierce, and I made sure to make eye contact with all of the judges. Looking back at the video, my left arm does move a little more than my right arm, but now I know for the next time! There’s always improvements to be made.

Evening Gown

This gown was lent to me by my friend Marina. It was absolutely stunning and I got a ton of compliments on it. My gown walk felt great too; it was slow and demanded attention. Being in such an amazing gown gave me an extra boost of confidence. It also made me so excited that my friends were all watching and commenting. I even made a matching mask, which you can see in the photo!

Fashion Runway

Walking for the fashion runway felt so cool. We were instructed not to walk like a pageant girl, but imagine we were representing a huge brand, like Marc Jacobs. Walking down the runway made me feel like a real model and I LOVED it. I made sure to be sassy and give lots of attitude.


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