We had the busiest day yet! We had an evening gown photoshoot, interview with the lovely judges, swim suit photoshoot and then an exciting preliminaries!!

I felt very happy and proud of everything¬† I did today. It was very busy, but I am so glad I was able to do it with my pageant sisters! The evening gown photoshoot was so much fun. The photographer was very quick and efficient. He had everything planned out for us! From the poses to the angles, he’s an expert indeed! After the interview, I had my interview! Oh my goodness, I can’t not stress how much I was looking forward to speaking with the judges. I really wanted them to get to know me. I really wanted to represent myself and the people that look like me. I wanted to show them the TRUE ME. The authentic me. The heart that I have for MWC and what it stands for.

I have to say, I was very happy with how my interview went! The judges were extremely kind. But the best thing about the interview is that I felt HEARD. I felt that our hearts were one during the interview. It felt like a conversation rather than a stressful interview. I was able to share what I believe in and raise awareness to child and youth mental health, as well as being a person that is relatable. I want to be hope for those that are afraid to dream because of what they look like and where they come from. I want to spark fire to their souls and to push through their limits. I want to be an inspiration to young children that look like me. I believe that many people will be able to see themselves through me and feel that they can achieve anything.

We also had preliminaries! We did swimsuit, evening gown and fashion! I had so much fun. It’s really interesting because I think that MWC is helping me gain confidence. The one thing I was not looking forward to was swimsuit. I was self conscious of my body and was afraid to be live in front of my friends, family, pageant fans and strangers. But when I stepped out on stage, I forgot all my insecurities and just WALKED! I had so much fun! I felt beautiful on stage. I looked into the judges’ eyes and smiled. It was the best feeling! The evening gown was great as well. I felt elegant and I knew my gown was special. It was designed by Katherine Kruze (@katherinekruzecouture). And after that, top 6 girls presented their Beauty With A Purpose project and stepped on for fashion! Fashion was so much fun. The girls were told to be like a fierce model rather than a pageant girl. I needed to quickly adapt to what a model would be like. Although I wasn’t sure of what models pose and walk like, I tried my best. I am pretty proud of myself for showing the judges a different side of me!

I am able to have a good night knowing that I did everything that I can! The girls were so beautiful and I know that we were all shining on that stage.

Also, check out my fashion outfit! I am so glad that I chose pants! It was different but still edgy. I bought it from Esti Boutique!


Speak soon,

Julia L.



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