Wow! Day 5 was a packed day. Honestly, it felt like two seperate days because we did so much! This post will be all about the first half of the day, which consisted of two photoshoots and an interview.

Photoshoot 1 – Gown

This photoshoot was lots of fun and I felt super fierce the whole time. I was wearing an amazing gown that I borrowed from my friend Julia. As I mentioned in an earlier post, everything I brought to the pageant was already owned, borrowed, or thrifted as part of my BWAP project. I think this gown looked stunning on and I can definitely say my friend has great taste.


As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to make sure I was totally prepared for the interview and was able to say everything I wanted to say. In order to do this, I practiced over and over! You can read more about my preparation techniques here. Honestly, after my interview I was so proud of myself! I felt like I was ready for all the questions they asked me and that I said everything I wanted to say. The judges were super awesome as well and made me feel comfortable the whole time. After the interview, I was pretty much jumping for joy because of how good I felt about it.

Photoshoot 2 – Swimwear

This was the photoshoot I was most nervous for. Not because I don’t love my body (because I do), but I don’t usually take photos in my swimsuit. How should I stand? Where do I put my hands? Thankfully, the photographer was really awesome and he instructed me on how to do all of these things. I never felt uncomfortable and I hope we got some really awesome shots!


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