Hey everyone! I am back after a couple of days! I just started work again after being off or 6 month! If you haven’t already know I am an ECE (Early Childhood Educator). Since school doesn’t officially start back until September 15 of next week, our program is open for day care full time to allow children to get in the routine of our “new normal” due to the COVID-19. We are practicing  to keep there mask on when indoors but will be off when we go outside to play, as well as practicing socially distancing but still playing with there peers at a distance. This will be another topic that will be talked about on my next blog.

Soooo, as you all know, all the delegates are creating different ways to raise money for the Children Wish Foundation during a PANDEMIC. Well, I have been creative myself. I decided to think of ways where the community can participate while socially distancing. One of my ways is holding a clothing drive from Plato’s Closet. if you had read my previous blog, I spoke about how I will be receiving money from the clothes that I’m collecting.

Another way I am fundraising is organizing a bake sale from a local bakery owed by my cousin. She makes home made donuts as well as many other sweets such as chocolate Oeros and cookie brownies. We will be providing 3 options to chose from for our customers.  All he options are the same price ($25.00 per box) All proceeds will be going to the Children’s Wish Foundation.  Here are some pictures below to allow you to have a better look at this AMAZING talent of baking. If you think this look good, just wait until you try them!! For more updates on ordering these delicious treats  follow the IF account of @shaynas_savorysweets and myself; Simone_oxox


And lastly I am partnering with a local photography who is very popular in my community and an excellent photographer. He will be helping me with a Charity Photo shoot where locals from the communities will be scheduling there 30 min time slot on October 3, 2020. The way how this photo shoot will work is that locals will be contacting me or my photographer for a photo shoot where it will be $20 per person for 30 mins long! That’s FREE photos you will be getting just by donating to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Here are some examples of this AMAZING photographer of mine. To me personally he is one of the BEST photographer out there. Not just photography but also in videography as well!!  I have worked with him multiple times such as a Halloween photo shoot where myself and other girls were skulls as well as a music video which HE filmed all on his own. He is a very talented person and anyone will be lucky to work/hire him. TRUST ME!! Here are some of his many talented work! Contact this OUTSTANDING photographer, IG; @rrayzuh

If you would like to participate in ANY of this fundraisers, Please contact me through Facebook or Instagram,

I will be blogging again soon!!

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