.         As soon as I was crowned Miss Toronto District World 2020 I was very excited to begin planning my official fundraiser for the official charity which is Make-a-Wish Canada. Growing up, I had a family friend who was diagnosed on her first day of high school with leukemia. It was heart breaking to watch her battle this disease for years. Most of all, it was sad to watch the bright and cheerful young girl become so serious and depressed. When she found out she was going to be granted a wish by the Make a Wish founation she was ecstatic. After 2 years so far of battling cancer, she was finally the happy, excited, giggly young girl I had once known. She used her wish to throw a birthday party forher sweet sixteen. I remember dancing with her that night at her party and it felt like we had no worries at all in that moment. This is the magic of the Make a Wish foundation. Beyond just giving people an experience of a lifetime, what they truly give these children and their families is the gift of hope. It was my honour to host a fundraiser for this foundation.



For my fundraiser, I had to get creative because for most of 2020, we were living under strict Covid restrictions where I live in Toronto. I organized a socially distanced fundraiser! One at a time people booked a time slot at a studio that I rented, with a photographer who donated his time. Each person brought multiple outfits and in exchange for their donation to Make A Wish foundation, they were given beautiful professional photographs of themselves in a beautiful studio.

My original fundraising goal was far exceeded. We more than doubled it! I am so proud that I was able to give back to my community, and to educate the many participants about Make a Wish foundation.


<3 ~ Keleigh ~

Written by: Keleigh

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