Hey all my lovey’s, I am back with another update about how I am raising money for the Children’s Wish Foundation!

As you know I have been coming up with creative ways to raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation! Due to COVID-19 it has been hard to find “COVID” friendly ways to raise money. I came up with a charity photo-shoot since I know a lot of people do love to just dress up and take photos of themselves. So, what a great way to just have PROFESSIONAL photos taken just for fun and you money will be going somewhere where it won’t go to waste!!

My first taught of this idea was;

“Who would partner with me on this AMAZING cause?”

“Will people response to our event?”

“Will this succeed in the end?”

I had a lot of questions going through my mind but at the end of the day, it didn’t hurt to just try and reach out to potential photographers willing to help out such a great cause. Thankfully, I got positive response from one of my photographers, ROHAN, was very excited to partner with me on this amazing journey of mind. He was very organized and was had sooo many ideas to bring to the table. I was very thankful to have him help me for this good cause.

Here is a poser that he had made for our event! I was so amazed from all the FEEDBACK that we had gotten!! We had majority of out time session all booked up! Within 3 days we were FULLY booked BUT we had a plan. We decided to DOUBLE book! Since we did have another photographer in our hands, MALA, we might as well use her talent ability to help out! We decided that each session for a photo-shoot would be $50.00/30 minutes. Which is a very good deal if you think about it!

Soon we decided to add a makeup artist since we did had a lot of request from our clients. Thankfully our makeup artist came to us, DEMI! She is very sweet and has such an amazing personally. Demi is also very talented as well! Since we are still in a pandemic we decided to keep our makeup COVID friendly. Clients are allow to bring there own foundation and makeup brushes to the session for a cost of $25.00 including there mask when coming to the session. $30.00 for those who do not bring there brushes-foundation.

Well here you have it! Meet our team for this years charity photo shoot! Each individual has such an amazing personality and I have very thankfully for them to join me on this journey to Miss World Canada!

Thank you everyone who has been keeping up with me and my journey to MISS WORLD CANADA 2020!!

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