I wanted to spread my impact to help the most amount of people possible. So I continued my research. I discovered Feed it Forward Canada. Feed it Forward Canada is a not-for-profit with two main goals: to feed Canadians that are food insecure, and to reduce food waste. I knew that if I partnered with an organization with existing infrastructure and the same goal as me; to solve the hunger crisis in our city, I could do far more than I ever could alone.

I began telling everyone I know about my mission to help Feed It Forward grow and feed more people in Toronto than ever before. I used my social media as well as word of mouth and I was able to use my platform as Miss Toronto District World to get in contact with the owner of JL International Food Brokerage Service. He felt that my cause was a great one and he was enthusiastic to help. He donated a full truckload of food that I passed on to Feed It Forward Canada- as long as I transported it myself. I delivered dozens of cases of restaurant quality food including poultry, pasta, dinner rolls, vegetables and fruit to the Feed it Forward kitchen where I met Chef Jagger Gordon.

I explained to him my goal to grow my reach beyond Toronto to help all of Canada and he expressed enthusiasm. I reached out to my contact at JL International and we are working to find a solution all together. JL international has food warehouses across Canada, and Chef Jagger Gordon and I are in need of volunteers in other provinces to prepare donated food and turn it into frozen and fresh meals for food insecure households across the country.

If I am to be crowned Miss World Canada I will use the platform to help solve food insecurity in Canada. I will shine a light on the work of grocery store chains, farms and food suppliers to give them positive publicity in exchange for their donating food that would otherwise be going to waste. I will also use my platform to recruit volunteers across the country. My goal is to provide 10,000 meals to hungry Canadians in the next year. Since I have already provided 1000 meals and my list of resources and connections is growing, I know that I can do it.

It is my goal to make sure that no Canadian has to go hungry. My goal is to serve 10,000 meals from now until summer 2021 in this city. I know that with the support and resources of the Miss World Canada Organization I can achieve this goal.





Written by: Keleigh

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