Hey everyone!

I can’t believe that there’s only 2 nights left before we all leave for Toronto and start our journey at Miss World Canada!

I am extremely excited and filled with all the emotions that come with competing, and I also feel like it’s kind of surreal that it’s finally happening. I can’t wait to meet all of my sisters, have an incredible experience, and represent my city.

When the pandemic started, it was tough for us pageant girls to find sponsors. We did not want to bother anyone knowing how hard of a time it was for many, and at the same time some sponsors had to back down which is completely understandable in this situation.

I was blessed to find an incredible local sponsor, a store in Montreal called “Something Neon” they make neon signs and are now expanding their items and also selling masks. The masks are very nice, I contacted them asking if they would be interested in becoming my sponsor for the pageant. They loved the idea and sent me a couple of masks for pageant week that will match my outfits perfectly.

Not to mention, every mask purchase you make from Something Neon goes towards a donation for front line workers. I found this initiative amazing and really wanted to support it.

If you’re interested in supporting a good cause, supporting a local store in Canada, and getting some really nice masks, contact them! Here is their info:


PHONE NUMBER: 1-866-227-1555

Website: https://www.somethingneon.com

Instagram: @SomethingNeon_

I can’t wait to wear them and really recommend it!

2 more days, see you soon! <3

Aiona Santana

Miss Ottawa World

Social Media:
Instagram: @AionaSantana
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AionaSantanaa
Twitter: @AionaSantana


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