This past week it was my birthday, and for my birthday I usually throw extravagant parties to celebrate with my friends. With Covid, of course plans had to change and two days ago I wasn’t sure what to do on my birthday.

Birthdays in my family have always been special occasions where we do activities and spend time with our loved ones. If Covid has taught me anything, it is to think outside the box and be creative with my solutions.

I began thinking of my Beauty With A Purpose, the You Go Girl Project. The You Go Girl Project is aimed at getting young girls involved in sport through monthly free workshops (pre Covid) and each week I interview a different Canadian woman who has excelled in her sport on my podcast. I have learned so much about different sports that I would have never even thought of trying . After interviewing Nancy Csabay, a Canadian barrel racing champion, I was inspired to try horseback riding for the first time in my life. 🐎 It was a great and unique way to celebrate my birthday as well as practice what I preach when it comes to girls trying different kinds of sports.

You never know what’s out there and what things you may come to love, so what’s stopping you? Give it a try! I believe in living life through experiences and you can easily do that by creating a bucket list. Of course we always think big picture items for bucket lists but I love having smaller items that are easily achievable in my hometown. What are you waiting for? Go out and try something new today, you never know how much you might enjoy it!

I’m so grateful I was able to check off an item on my every day bucket list, I absolutely loved my time horse back riding and I cannot wait to go back and further explore the sport.

Written by: Erin
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