Hi beautiful people!

Today, I feel like reflecting a little about the Kurds, my family, and how far we have come as immigrants living in Canada.

My family and I

Even though I grew up in Canada, I have learned about the Kurds by reading and talking with family members.

I feel blessed and fortunate that my family and I have an opportunity to live and thrive in Canada. All my life, my cultural identity has been somewhat a mystery. 

Thinking about the troubles in third-world countries, I wish for peace and hope that we can come together as human beings to love one another someday.

On Sunday, September 27th, 2020, I had the opportunity to sit with The Kurdish House stakeholders. We discussed the different ways to implement new programs into the Kurdish House organization’s activity plans. 

I gave a speech about my thoughts regarding a critical issue based on my past observations, work experiences, and educational history.

The discussion was among passion-driven women and men who were eager to exchange ideas about collaborating to make several upcoming projects a success. It felt good to be among such great leaders affiliated with the Kurdish community. 

At this time, the Kurdish House team and I plan to help others by setting up monthly sessions on Zoom. The goal is to assist immigrants who need better employment.

Canada is such a diverse country. I am thankful for the many opportunities it has provided my family. 


It feels like one of my dreams is becoming a reality with this new plan we are hatching.

The COVID pandemic has disrupted many lives; people out there need our help. We believe that the new program will provide affordable and effective solutions that can break the barriers limiting immigrants and refugees from prospering in the modern world.

On Saturday, October 10th, I had the opportunity to interview one of The Kurdish House Members; his name is Pishro Alipour-Alan. He is an incredible individual. In the interview, Pishro talks about his experience as a refugee living in Canada. 

I will be sharing the compelling content of my captivating interview with him on this blog, with his permission. I also did a video interview, which I will also share with you all very soon. You will enjoy watching it.

Now for me to get back to do some physical activity, I hope you are keeping fit, till next time, all my love to you all.

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