Hello darlings,

It feels great to be at my desk again, writing another post to share with you all. I am sure you enjoy taking pictures, we all do, so my teammate and I decided to do something different.

On Saturday, September 26th, 2020, I spent the whole day with my teammate driving around the area. We were searching for destinations to take beautiful pictures. We found some breath-taking locations. What made the scenes beautiful were the fallen leaves sweeping across the ground. 

I had purchased a flag for every country in the world; these flags were for the photo-shoot. I decided to go with this theme for the photo-shoot because Canada is a diverse country. I love Canada because it is one of the countries that supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is not very common with third-world countries. 

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights protects the inherent rights of all individuals.

We had such a wonderful time capturing beautiful pictures; I hope to share them here soon. 

After our lovely photo session, I decided to go pick apples at a farm near my cottage in King City.  Thankfully, there were pumpkins as well; I enjoy picking the pumpkins. It felt good to spend time in the suburbs of Ontario, discovering nature and our beautiful country. I love nature. 

The woods and wildlife surround my cottage in King City.

My day ended on a beautiful note. I attended a private event hosted by HNIC (Helping Neighbourhoods Implement Change). It was organized for a small gathering. The event was held outdoors to celebrate the newly formed organization. 

HNIC provides mentoring programs for young people in lower socio-economic status households. At the event, I had an opportunity to network with others and donate some supplies to the organization.

In summary, it was a great day filled with laughter, meeting new people, and eating apples! I look forward to more days like that.

Let me end by saying you deserve all the best things in life. Till next time, keep loving yourself more!

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