Hi everyone, me again. I thought this blog post would be a good time to explain the whirlwind of emotions in my life right now as I run my company and prepare for Miss Canada.

I have been hard at work corresponding with local events, fundraisers, and planning my own. Even though I’ve been very involved in the past, being a part of Miss World makes you want to do even more; so thats what I have been doing. Events that I am usually attending, I am now part of the committee, or MC’ing them, or just helping fundraise for them.

I am in the midst of planning something for the Childrens Wish Foundation fundraising… stay tuned for the details on that as soon as they get finalized!

But in the meantime, I am volunteering at the #dufferincounty Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival this coming weekend, in arm with an RCMP Officer from #dufferincounty. I am then promoting a small fundraising event/market inside of the festival on Saturday in the streets of our Blues & Jazz Festival, then on Sunday, I am actually taking part in the fundraiser/market. This fundraiser is exciting because it is for the IDSC (International Down Syndrome Community) gathering at Great Wolf Lodge. I LOVE platforms where it encourages individuals who live with unfortunate circumstances to not let it stop them and to live their best life!

I have also collaborated with the Orangeville Ram Rodeo event in #DufferinCounty where all proceeds go to the Big Brothers Big Sisters charity. This is another initiative that is dear to me because growing up, I never really had a positive mentor and if it wasn’t for me being my own motivation with my strong mind & will power, I wouldn’t be who I am today. But I think every child should have a positive mentor & role model for their lives. Im already a big part of the young leaders lives in our community & I can’t wait to inspire more of them with this journey! Whether that is to become a mentor for another person, or just simply better their own lives, that is what excites me. That is why I love the mission of the big brothers big sister program.

Next on the list; I am MC’ing a local charity golf tournament & all of the proceeds go towards the Family Transition place. All of these causes are so wonderful & I am so excited to be apart of them as a positive role model.

I am loving every step of this journey and as the weeks pass, I will keep you all informed of experiences, pictures, plans, and goals with my next title. Even though I am jam packed with a schedule from every waking moment to every night that comes, I am passionate, excited, and loving every part of it.

Love you all, and remember to step outside of your comfort zone & do something kind for someone or volunteer for a few hours; it’ll make you feel like a million dollars, I promise.

Danielle xo.

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