[ building houses in Mexico ]

Did you know that nearly one out of two children live in poverty? Many are without adequate shelter and every year, 2.2 million die from lack of immunization and 1.4 million die from lack of access to safe drinking water.

This does not have to be.

As Canadians, we reside in one of the richest countries in the world. There is an abundance of solution for this global plight but unfortunately, many are completely unaware of this critical situation. As such, I believe in the importance of advocating for those whose voices are unheard.

Many organizations are doing an incredible job of raising awareness and delivering financial aid to those in need.

My personal support goes to World Vision—a Christian organization centered around humanitarianism and advocacy. In addition to their child sponsorship program, services such as emergency relief, development programs, and health care are also provided. They actively promote social justice and have partnerships with agencies like UNICEF.

[ Maria, my sponsored child ]

My ultimate goal is to create a charity for impoverished children (or at the very least, make a significant impact for / contribution to organizations with the same cause).

In that regard, I’m excited for the opportunities Miss World provides and thankful that philanthropy is one of their core values. Where pageants typically focus on external beauty, Miss World is one of the few that emphasizes personality and charity.

There is still a long way to go when it comes to breaking the cycle of poverty, but I’m confident we can do it—together.

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