I’ve always loved the destination, but I think that the journey can be just as wonderful!

The journey allows you to experience all sorts of things. You can see some amazing views, make some memories, but develop yourself on the way. From what I’ve experienced, I always change and become a better version of myself when preparing for something such as Miss World Canada!

During the few months that I had to prepare for Miss World Canada, I have seen myself realize who I truly am. I’ve gotten to see myself grow. Now that the week of Miss World Canada is finally here, I am happy with the progress that I have made in my pageant journey. I started as a shy girl who wasn’t sure how to be present on the stage, but now I have this amazing confidence that I never thought I’d have. I can’t wait to get on the MWC stage and shine!

I’ve also developed myself just simply through my journey of life. I’ve become a more mature woman, I’ve learned responsibility, have developed my faith, but just became me. I’ve recently gotten a puppy and have had to learn responsibility by taking care of him on my own. I am really missing him so far and the week hasn’t even started! He is definitely routing for his mama!

(My puppy, Doug)

I am really proud of who I am today. No matter what happens at the end of Miss World Canada, I know that I will still be extremely proud of myself! The week is here and I am ready to shine! Get ready Miss World Canada, here I come!


Hannah Dugas

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