Good morning everyone!
I thought I would do a post about my first two weeks as Miss Dufferin County, and company president.. What a whirlwind!
This really tests my time management skills LOL

As I said prior, this is my first pageant experience, and the reason why I love Miss World so much is because of the platform behind it with community involvement, volunteer work etc. Which is something I already do, even prior to winning the pageant 2 weeks ago.. now I just get to do it wearing a sparkly crown & a sash! XD

I’ve come to terms with living “President Diva half of the day, and Miss Dufferin County the other half”. Which I’m absolutely in love with, despite the craziness. Even though I did lots of mentorship and community involvement before, now I want to do even more so I am reaching out, and being approached for helping out at community events, festivals, workshops etc which is such an empowering feeling, something that I LOVE!

Every single day I don’t go a minute without thinking of business, as well as ways to leverage my crown to benefit Dufferin County. I have been on the radio for my goals & plans with my title, done more social media promotion than ever before, and when I thought my schedule couldn’t get any more busy, I’m using any extra hour to volunteer, raise money, or promote an event that I am passionate about.

I am looking forward to all the events I am attending, helping out at, like the Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival, the International Down Syndrome Community fundraiser, the Swing for Change Golf Tournament for the Family Transition Place, as well as other events in the community. I am also almost finished planning our big fundraiser in July for the Children’s Wish Foundation… Stay tuned for info about that! IT will be AMAZING! YOU WILL WANT TO ATTEND!

I could go on forever about my plans & dreams with my title as Miss Dufferin County 2019 & then Miss World Canada in July, but I need to save some exciting things for my next blog post..

Just remember, there is no limit, no barrier, or nothing holding you back from your dreams or what you want in this life.. even if it isn’t in your “plan” for you, and an opportunity makes an appearance, accept it, do it, rock it, and win it! Even if you don’t, nothing is ever a failure or a mistake, its simply a lesson learned & an experience you can say you went after.

Love, Danielle.

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