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I’ve always viewed pageants to be a place where beautiful, intelligent, and multifaceted women would challenge themselves to achieve their dreams. Personally, having “beauty with a purpose” is everything I stand for, and this would be a fantastic platform to continue to pursue my philanthropic efforts and have greater reach amongst the nation.

In many ways, competing for Miss World Canada has been on my agenda and radar for years. I knew that when the time was right, I would step on stage knowing that I’m bringing value and substance to a title that can elevate my career, ambitions, and philanthropic efforts to another level. I’ve already set up my path to take the title and ensure the Miss World Canada organization and myself receive positive publicity. I plan to utilize my public relations background, and partnership with World Vision Canada to align these two ‘global’ organizations to make a real impact amongst the world.

Some highlights from my Journey with World Vision!

#DorkAlert! When World Vision gets into some Mall action – sign me up 🙋🏽! #BestOfBothWorlds.

I sponsored my own child on one fateful day while doing some much needed retail therapy at the time, picture a happy and accomplished shopaholic with goodies in both hands and then coming across a booth (not too different from this one) and suddenly being brought back to the reality that this World Needs Help, at the very least one child at a time. I left feeling so much more content with signing up than I ever would have with the brand new pair of (obviously fabulous) shoes. The updates and progress reports fill me with joy each and every time they come in the mail – my little dude in Bangladesh is clearly growing into a taller, healthier, much more radiant little boy. They told me I was the one bringing the blessing to him, but it’s just, in fact, the opposite, he is my blessing.

Now here I am, given the same opportunity to continue to pass on that feeling over and over again… one child sponsorship at a time. Sponsor a child now  “Love is not only something you feel, it’s something you do.”


Six kilometres is the average distance a child in the developing world has to walk to get access to what may or may not be clean water. Together our goal is to shorten this distance and ensure everyone can have access to the CLEAN safe drinking water they desperately need💧 #WorldVision #Ambassador

Working with the Christian Blind Mission

I had the most uplifting experience while working alongside the CBM Healing Hugs Campaign. Felt like I was in the right place at the right time, where I was able to cross paths with Karmapa Lama and his holy entourage. They approached the booth with a calm, radiant, and very present aura – as excited as I was to introduce our cause to these beautiful monks… I had no idea who they were, but it was clear that they were important considering the army of well-dressed security guards accompanying them haha.
His Holiness is considered to be the Buddha of compassion and is seen and worshipped to be a living God at his 17th cycle of reincarnation.
It was an honour to have been able to witness his effortlessly compassionate nature as he partnered up with a child with such ease. Safe to say I had a very Buddhaful day 🙏🏾🙌🏾

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