Today was a special day because I just sold my sixth painting to raise money for the Children’s Wish foundation! I have always loved art but I never really had to courage to put my own attempts on display until I had to figure out a way to raise money for the children’s wish foundation. In February, my cousin Shelly came to visit me when things were not working out so well with my experiments in my master’s project. Instead of going out, we decided to have our own “paint nite” and I ended up forgetting all about my problems and having such a good time! After that, I began to paint more and more often and I found out that people on the interwebs actually wanted to buy my paintings 😮 I had found the perfect way to raise money for the Children’s Wish foundation!

This was the very first painting I ever sold. 20″x24″ acrylic on canvas. It reminded me of both Aslan from Narnia and Mufasa from Lion King. I called it “Remember who you are”
This is a painting I made for our secretary Sue at the Centre for Metabolic Mapping. Sue wanted an abstract painting that showed the interconnectedness of family and she really liked this!
My friend Avan Patel, who is an amazing photographer himself, fell in love with this painting that I call “Treasure Island” because it reminded me so much of the book! His mom loved this painting so much that she took it to India. This painting is travelling more than I am :p

I love painting and having to do it so much more often has really improved my painting skills in general. I am so thankful to Shelly for introducing this back into my life. I think having a piece of art someone makes especially for you is a unique thing today. As much as we lament about the dangers of social media, I think platforms like Instagram and Etsy are really giving individual people an opportunity to participate in a world that was normally reserved for “professionals”. The barriers to selling a product or service are now less administrative and corporate and more to do with skill and your individual ability to market. I believe this helps make the landscape more accessible to independent artists of all mediums and genres! There are many artists on instagram I may not ever have heard about because their work would have been relegated to esoteric galleries in far away places.

I am happy that raising money for Children’s Wish has opened me up to this amazing skill that enriches my life and hopefully the lives of people around me 🙂 If you’d like to see more of my artwork, visit

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