What’s Up Everyone!

Good morning, I hope everyone is doing well. Can’t believe the time has finally come and I am almost ready to leave for the Miss World Canada competition. Leading up to this moment I wasn’t really nervous or thinking about it too much, but is it not always like that… the day of, opposite feelings rush in. You become worried, nervous, scared, but hey I just keep telling myself things will be good and just be confident and enjoy yourself.

Getting ready for the Miss World Canada competition took a lot of preparation and dedication and people may think you do not need to do much, but you would be surprised. All the prepping mentally and physically, clothes, social media, charity fundraising, keeping up with your fitness and more is something you cannot do overnight. Thankfully, because I live in the area I only started packing last night and I am still not fully done. 🙂 

Going into this, I was doing something bold that I wouldn’t typically see myself doing and I hope this week proves to me participating in things out of your ordinary is worth it. I can’t wait to meet all of the delegates from all over Canada and partake in a variety of events and activities that I don’t normally do. I always like to try new things and this is a wonderful opportunity for just that. Lastly, I want to thank God for letting me have this opportunity as well as the organization of Miss World Canada and I wish everyone the best of luck and see you all soon!

*P.S. I wanted to add some pictures to this blog post but unfortunately it would not let me upload them, I will just attach them with the post to the Miss Ontario World facebook page*



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