Hello everyone! This is Laetitia, your Miss District of Toronto World 2019. Thank you for stopping by my blog post.

This year, I had the massive pleasure of taking part in the Markham Canada Day Parade. It was a very beautiful day and I was able to meet so many people!

I wore a long, red gown by my sponsor One Love One Dream Bridal Salon and Formalwear. It made me feel like a princess.

I had adventures and lessons along the way, so here is a bit of “Storytime” *jazz hands*:

I had this amazing plan lined up where I was going to stroll through the parade in a gorgeous BMW convertible car. I was sooooo excited…that is, until the driver informed me close to the date that he was unable to make it! Nooooooo!
Wow, trying to find a last-minute convertible for Canada Day was such a challenge. At first, I was nervous but then you realize that this is just life and that things do not always go as planned and you need to make the best of everything. So, I started thinking of options and pumping myself up for alternative modes of transportation (specifically, my own two feet).
Just as I had determined myself to walk the parade (in heels, no less!), my dress sponsor, Janet, came to the rescue! She got her business van sparkling clean and came down all the way from Courtice to Markham for the parade.

I joked last year with a friend that “It takes a city to crown a queen” and to this day, I still think it applies. A Queen is really nothing without her community and the support she receives from it. I am very blessed to have such a kind sponsor who went above and beyond for this special day. I also learned to make the most of situations and to take everything with a positive attitude. Things always have a way of resolving themselves! I am also blessed to have met so many wonderful people that day and for bringing smiles to each others’ faces.

We started the parade by lining up on the side of the road near our float numbers. People were coming to my car to say hello, take pictures and chat before the parade even began! Some were very shy to approach but a big wave and smile made them more comfortable.

During the parade, we drove slowly through the streets, waving at an electric crowd.

We ended the parade in ​Milne Dam Conservation Park for more Canada Day festivities.

I came to Canada when I was eight. I love my country of birth, Haiti, for its culture, beauty, and strength. Sadly, it is also full of fear, violence, and discord. After growing up in Canada for so long, I sometimes forget how lucky I am to feel safer. Canada Day is always a good reminder to celebrate this fact. We should always cherish what we have with gratitude. So, Happy Canada Day everyone!

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