The Fight to End Cancer

This year, I had the immense pleasure and honor of participating in the Fight to End Cancer. A friend who usually volunteers with them was not able to participate this year. When she asked me if I wanted to replace her, I immediately jumped on the opportunity! I do not think I know or have met a person who has not been affected by cancer in a form or another. I myself have had several family members who have gone through it.

But! If we look at how much progress was made in the recent years in cancer treatments and research, we know that if we keep pushing forward like we are, we will find a cure. This is why charities like The Fight to End Cancer are so important.

What is FTEC?
The concept of Fight to End Cancer is very simple. The Kingsway Boxing Club organizes a fight to raise funds for the Princess Margaret Foundation… with the goal of, literally, fighting to end cancer. However, unlike a usual match, it is set in a formal, black-tie dinner event. The boxers, composed of both male and female teams, work tirelessly for a year to prepare. The organization has grown to host multiple smaller events as well, leading up to the main event.

There are around 200 volunteers in the FTEC team. I was part of the Host team so we supported the events with selling raffle tickets, interacting with the guests, distributing gifts, and providing assistance with the public. I’ve met some really sweet new friends too. Special shoutout to Anna, Rebecca, Steven, and our team lead, Colin.

I was able to participate as a volunteer in 3 wonderful events: The Gallery Walk, the Media Weigh-In and Fight Night. The Kingsway Boxing Club hosted a volunteer appreciation BBQ as well. 

Gallery Walk
Hosted by sponsor Steam Whistle’s Brewery at their beautiful brewery, photographers donated images to purchase, all proceeds going towards the cause. Members of the public were able to visit the gallery, have fun, dance to a live band, munch, and mingle. 

At the beautiful Steam Whistle Brewery.
See if you can spot me: bottom, middle! Image by FTEC.
I’m here too! Bottom, middle, unravelling raffle tickets! Image by FTEC.

Media Weigh-in

I was learning about the different aspects of boxing at the same time. I did not know they usually did publicized weigh-ins. Members of the media were present to document this moment. I was invited to come with my crown and sash to mingle with the crowd.

The media weigh-in was full of hilarious moments with the boxers trying to “intimidate” each other.
Jenniced Higgins, on my life, is the CEO and driving force behind the organization.

“Fight” Night

The gala happens at the historical Old Mild Toronto. An upscale, elegant venue.

Hundreds of guests came to watch the fights, bid on items, win at raffles, and have fun. It was an amazing evening! We had a little scare when one of the boxers was knocked out (first time ever since the charity started many years ago). But, the medical team quickly got him back on his feet so he could enjoy the rest of the night.

Such a cute setting!
The ring!

That’s it, friends. I am happy I got to share about FTEC with you. If you would like more information, especially if you’d like to be part of the boxing team this year, here is their website: I can’t wait to volunteer again next year!

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