When starting out in the pageant industry most people think that the final show is all that goes in to deciding the winner. In reality there is a tremendous amount of work that a contestant must accomplish before even reaching pageant week. Here are some of my ways that I prepare myself in order to compete in a pageant like Miss World Canada.

Healthy body, healthy mind

The first step to pageant prep is working toward leading an active lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating. I started tacking dance classes when I was one and a half years old and I started competing across North America when I was 5 so it is safe to say that I have always been active. I currently dance for the Ottawa Redblacks but on top of training with my team I also teach dance, take Krav Maga, yoga, spin classes, roller skate, and I bike to work every day.

Next in my goal to achieve a healthy lifestyle I spoke with a dietician to cater a meal plan that makes it easier for me to eat whole foods with all of my food allergies. Healthy eating not only helps the body through workouts but it also contributes to better sleep and an overall better mental health.

Pageant week is a busy week for contestants and not only do you have to prepare your body for the events of the week but also your mind. A great app that I would suggest to contestants is Headspace, in this app you can learn mediation and relaxation techniques that can be very helpful not only during pageant week but in every day life. The better that you feel physically and mentally while preparing for and during a pageant, can help make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Get out in your community

As a title holder or a delegate to a pageant you are already a figure in the public eye and can serve as a role model for your community. On top of raising funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation, the official charity of Miss World Canada, I have been involved in many events in my community. A delegate can reach out to their local government to get involved but they can also show up to existing events in the community to show their support. Some of the events that I have recently attended include Ottawa’s tulip festival, the World Partnership Walk to end global poverty, and Ottawa’s national health and fitness day.

Practice, practice, practice!

It really is true, practice makes perfect. I have been turning any space I can in to a pageant practice zone. Before pageant week I would encourage other delegates to practice their walks, their poses, and even test out hair and makeup ideas. I like going in to pageant week feeling confident in my abilities so when a correction or technique is made by the choreographers I can easily apply it to what I already know.

Look the part

While preparing for a pageant I always like to look the part. There is a saying: Dress for the job that you want, not the job you have. My goal for this pageant is to win Miss World Canada or take one of the two runner-up titles. With this goal in mind I must always carry myself both in person and online that is a positive reflection on the Miss World Canada organization. As a contestant you are already recognized in the public so always treating others with kindness and respect and always putting your best foot forward in terms of how you put yourself together is very important.

Be grateful for the journey

Participating in a pageant is so much more than just walking across a stage in a beautiful gown. I have met some of my best friends through pageantry and each experience and event that I attend contributes to my personal growth. I am thrilled to be competing for Miss World Canada again this year and I look forward to making many new memories that will last a lifetime.

Written by: Erin
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