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My name is Laetitia- which means “Joy” in Latin. I am your Miss Toronto District World 2019 and it is my second year in the Miss World pageant system.

Photographer: Christel Photography

I initially chose to join this organization due to its focus on community involvement and emphasis on bringing out the best in every contestant. I chose to come back a second time, for all the wonderful friendships and the unforgettable memories that are created. I am so excited to be representing the Toronto District this year and I hope to make everyone proud.  To get to know me better, here are two teaser facts about me. Stay tuned for me throughout my next blog posts!

Photographer : Rupinder Singh

I am bilingual 

I am fully bilingual in both of Canada’s official language. I went through the French board for my schooling but growing up in the suburbs, I was often the only immigrant in my class. During English class or outside of class time, I was so shy about my accent in English that I would only respond in French to my classmates.

It all changed when I went to University and met so many other people with accents too!

Nowadays, I am immensely grateful that I was able to keep learning in my home language while learning English at the same time. It has opened so many opportunities for me such as teaching French Immersion, helping fellow French-speaking contestants at Miss World Canada 2018 and translating during the interviews for Miss Teenage Canada 2018.

Translating during the interviews last year for Miss Teenage Canada 2018.

I am a teacher 

I started teaching elementary school right out of university which means I wrapped up my fourth year of teaching this month. I love teaching in French Immersion because knowing multiple languages opens you up so much to the world. I am happy to provide my students with this wonderful stepping stone in life.

I taught Grade 1 for three years at a school focused on self-regulation, then a Grade 5/6 split this year at a school focused on STEM (Science Technology Engineer Math). Next year, I will be teaching Grade 4 at a school following the OPAL program (a play-based program promoting healthy and active development– at recess, the students can climb trees, run in puddles, get muddy—Can you tell how jealous I am that we didn’t have this program growing up?). I am looking forward to seeing what this new year will unfold!

One of my munchkins creating a masterpiece.

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