Hello, everyone!

My name is Jardine David, and I am your Miss Toronto East World 2019, and a national delegate for Miss World Canada 2019! I am 23 years old and I have graduated from the University of Toronto, which I majored in Political Science while I balanced a double-minor in Women and Gender Studies and Sociology. With my studies, I hope to get into Human Resources and Public Administration, perhaps Public Law as well, I have a lot of options to go around with.

Here’s a little background about me: I was born in Manila, and until I was three, my family decided to move to Canada to pursue my education and basically providing me the best life I could live. Since we were the first in our family to move to Canada, it was difficult for my parents to get by in terms of settling down. Through the years, we have made friends with our neighbours and family friends, which ultimately developed into a small community that is alive and well. This moment in my life is what inspired me to focus my Beauty With A Purpose: welcoming newcomers to Canada with open arms because no one should be alone when it comes to settling into a new home. 

Me and my family!

Moving to Canada at a young age, I was able to learn so many cultures in a diverse city like Toronto while celebrating my Filipino heritage as well. One of my favourite reasons why I love Toronto is because it was so multifaceted with many cultures, and different people from all walks of life that we can learn, share and hear our stories! I can’t forget to mention the endless food cuisines we have to offer: places like Chinatown, Ossington, Greektown, and The Annex are one of the areas in Toronto where I love to get my grub on.

On the side, I enjoy modelling and volunteering in the Toronto fashion industry. I used to be very shy growing up until Modelling and pageantry got me to step out of my comfort zone. When I graduated high school, I joined a local pageant group called International Professional Entertainment Network (also known as IPEN) led by Edgar Sulit and Jamm Rodriguez. They have given me all the support and confidence when it comes to modelling and pageantry: when it comes to my first rehearsal, the first fashion show, and my first pageant. Through modelling and pageantry, I’ve made so many friends in this industry that I cherish the most! And over time, I’ve learned that pageants are not always about being the most beautiful, but becoming the best person you can be and putting your best foot forward. The girl 7 years ago wouldn’t believe all the things I would be doing in the future. 

This is my first time vying for a national title! One more step into wearing that Canada sash, and representing my country on the international stage would be an amazing experience! So far with my title, I have done many things to help out my community: shoreline cleanups, jewelry launches, and fashion media events, the possibilities are endless! My journey to the crown has been quite the memorable one, so far, and this is just a little tidbit about me. Just less than two months until I get to meet my new sisters <3

Until then, thank you for reading! I’ll talk to you guys’ soon!



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