You may also know me as Miss Mississauga, or the dare devil/model/foodie on Instagram (danasorex), right? haha. Social media platforms nowadays have given us so much access to the world so we actually get to be who we want to be, express who we are, or even “who we aspire to be.” I have had passion for art, photography, and content creation from a young age, and I am in complete love for creating it, not only for me but for other people too. For those of you who might not know me, here is my profile!

Instagram Profile: danasorex

Time Management is always Key

Schulich School of Business Grounds

Schulich School of Business

Aside from Instagram and content creating, I am currently a full-time masters student at the Schulich School of Business. Fun fact: I will be participating in Miss World Canada while I am undergoing my graduation finals for my Master in Management degree! Which is a lot to take in, but there is a special thanks and shout out to York University, Schulich School of Business, my instructors, and program director for believing in me, and trying their best to accommodate!

Extracurricular Activities

When I am not busy creating social media content and school work, I enjoy yoga practices, weightlifting, painting/sketching, and horseback riding. There is no better way to stimulate your brain for further growth and health than doing the things that you love, so I also use my Instagram to support a healthy and achievable lifestyle.

Aspirations & Goals

As I have mentioned before, I am graduating soon with my Mmgt degree, you might be wondering what I may be planning for the future. To keep it simple, using my business masters degree and communications degree I want and will not only be a future business owner but I also plan on building a non-profit organization that will support innovative business ideas and minds that cannot afford guidance, by further enhancing their business plans, ideas and helping them pave their pathway.

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