Hey everyone!

My name is Christina and I am your Miss Etobicoke World 2019! At the moment I am a 19 year old university student studying life sciences downtown at University of Toronto. From everything that I heard and experienced myself first year, I am hoping to survive and graduate in the next 3 years. All the stories I continuously hear never truly discourage me from trying to achieve great success at such a tough school. I would only love to prove many wrong that it is possible to do well, be happy, and have a social life while graduating life science at UofT. 

I recently decided on majoring in two fields, Health and Disease and Environment and Health. I have always had an interest in medicine, health, and how it affects people, so I think these two are a perfect fit! Now to answer the infamous question that many have asked and been asked countless times is ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’ At the moment I am not too sure, but I would love to get into medical school and pursue a career as a naturopathy or family doctor. Apart from medicine and sciences, I would like to start some businesses and make certain plans, I have had for a while, come to true. At the same time, despite what I will be doing in life, I want to be part of a charity organization or any non-profit foundation that helps people around the world. I have always loved the idea of travelling to all sorts of places and helping them in the health department, emotionally, and in all sorts of activities. I grew up doing many things such as art, playing the piano, singing, dancing, soccer, tennis, golf, and hockey, so I would love to provide those who are not as fortunate such an opportunity to learn more skills and potentially create dreams and a passion for it. I want to extend a helping hand not only in my community and country, but everywhere.

Now how does pageantry tie into this or even help me pursue such things? Over half a year ago, I stumbled upon an ad for the Miss World Pageant and I thought to myself, “Me in a pageant?”, I could never. Wearing a crown and sash, and being in this sort of spotlight was a little foreign to me. I did grow up competing in various things, but never judged on my personality or looks, so this is definitely something out of my comfort zone. It was almost the new year and I wanted to be more bold and out there. I also realized this can be a chance for me reach a bigger audience and voice my thoughts and opinions on how I want to help others and start or grow some personal business plans. The fact that Miss World Canada advises and insists you make and build upon a project is exactly what I was looking for. “Beauty with a Purpose Project” is what they call it. Due to the fact I have had this idea in mind for some time there was no hesitation in deciding what my plans were: providing an opportunity of art and piano lessons to the less fortunate people of all ages so they too can have a fair chance to learn and build on such skills and potentially grow a passion for music and arts. One day, hopefully I can add medical assistance to the list of things I can help others with.

I hope everything goes well and I am proud to be representing my city, Etobicoke, and definitely excited to be a Miss World Canada delegate. Nationals only less than a few weeks away!

Adios for now,


*If you want to get to know me more on a personal level check out my instagram!*


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