Hello again!

Sadly, we’re coming to an end to the Miss Canada pageant! It’s been a real fun time this entire week full of laughter, fun, distress, exhaustion and tons of rehearsals! But I’m glad to have done it with my pageant sisters that I’ve met through this whole journey!

Day 6 consisted of rehearsals for the final show taking place tomorrow, then followed by a dinner at The Spoke Club Restaurant! This restaurant had amazing meals, the food was ridicuously amazing, a ton of flavour and it looked really appetizing, as well as a runway fashion walk on the rooftop! As nervous as we all were to walk down that runway, it was very fun with the crowd cheering us along the way.

Day 6 was the last day I had during the Miss Canada pageant and I had the most fun experience throughout which is the most important! I learned a lot from others and will definitely take what I learn today with me tomorrow! 🙂

Written by: Neisha
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