According to the Canadian Association of Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activities if a girl has not participated in sport by the age of 10 then there is only a 10% chance that she will be physically active as an adult. Only 16% of the adult female Canadian population reported participation in sport.

My Beauty With A Purpose is called ‘The You Go Girl Project” with its aim to increase the participation of girls in sport.

In my community I am already an ambassador for getting girls involved in sport through my work as a dancer for the Ottawa Redblacks. Throughout a season, our team volunteers in over 700 hours of community events. Through these events I get to meet many young girls in the community and inspire them to get up and get active. I have dedicated my time to our junior cheer program where girls get to come be a cheerleader for the day at one of the Redblacks home games, I have taught many dance days with the team, and most recently I led the dance section of the Chartwell’s Be A Pro Youth day that hosted over 100 community youth with a pledge to focus on youth health and mental well-being. On top of teaching dance with the Redblacks cheer I also teach dance at a studio in my community where I inspire girls to stay active and express them selves through artistic means.

With a participant of the Redblacks Junior Cheer program.

In addition to my work with the Redblacks cheer and dance team I actively promote non-traditional style workouts on my social media to show girls that you do not need to play traditional sports like soccer or basketball in order to be active. I promote alternative workouts including dance, aerials, roller skating, spinning, yoga, and Krav Maga. I truly believe that if girls are introduced to different types of sports at a young age then they can find a sport that works for them and continue being active as an adult.

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