Day 2 of Indian Pavilion 2019 (Carabram 2019)

I had an amazing opportunity to be a part of a 3 day Festival celebrating the diversity of India and Hawaii. I was able to be a part of the Fashion Show that showcased all the states of India! I was able to have the honour to represent the state of West Bengal. 

Although I’m not from India, I was glad and appreciated the honour to be a part of the culture, representing the state of West Bengal, and celebrating it with the community, meeting the people, tasting the food, and having an amazing time with the performers!

Thank you again for an amazing weekend filled with love, laughter, and joy and being able to make me a part of the community! I’m forever grateful and had an incredible time!

Written by: Neisha
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According to the Canadian Association of Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activities if a girl has not participated in sport by the age of 10 then there is only a 10% chance that she will be physically active as an adult. Only 16% of the adult female Canadian population reported participation in sport.

My Beauty With A Purpose is called ‘The You Go Girl Project” with its aim to increase the participation of girls in sport.

In my community I am already an ambassador for getting girls involved in sport through my work as a dancer for the Ottawa Redblacks. Throughout a season, our team volunteers in over 700 hours of community events. Through these events I get to meet many young girls in the community and inspire them to get up and get active. I have dedicated my time to our junior cheer program where girls get to come be a cheerleader for the day at one of the Redblacks home games, I have taught many dance days with the team, and most recently I led the dance section of the Chartwell’s Be A Pro Youth day that hosted over 100 community youth with a pledge to focus on youth health and mental well-being. On top of teaching dance with the Redblacks cheer I also teach dance at a studio in my community where I inspire girls to stay active and express them selves through artistic means.

With a participant of the Redblacks Junior Cheer program.

In addition to my work with the Redblacks cheer and dance team I actively promote non-traditional style workouts on my social media to show girls that you do not need to play traditional sports like soccer or basketball in order to be active. I promote alternative workouts including dance, aerials, roller skating, spinning, yoga, and Krav Maga. I truly believe that if girls are introduced to different types of sports at a young age then they can find a sport that works for them and continue being active as an adult.

Written by: Erin
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Every Friday for just over a few months now, I have been Volunteering my time and effort to the Lumacare Meals On Wheels program as a runner. My primary responsibility is to help the driver pack the insulated food delivery bags with the clients prepackaged frozen food. They can chose from an entree, soup or dessert. Although, getting all three is more economical. My driver is an amazing elderly women named Barbara. I load up her trunk and hand deliver the bag(s) to the clients front door or kitchen.

My interactions with the clients has been bittersweet, to be honest. The clients have been nothing short of kind and all around pleasant, but through meeting them I have witness how important this organization is. Meals on Wheels exists because the need for it is all too real. Many of those who benefit from their services have experienced a wide range of trauma that truly pricks the heart. Despite the pains and issues they may be dealing with, they have always greeted me with a smile, share whatever positive feelings they have with me, and even giving me encouragement. Being a part of this organization brings a fulfillment to my life that I never knew I needed.

Once I leave the homes of the clients and get back into the car with Barbara, it is on to the next home. Barbara has been another gem that I look forward to every Friday. She made me so comfortable in her space. She tells me tales of yesteryears and weekend plans at the theater with her gal pals. Meeting the clients, Barbara and staff has been such a rewarding experience that I will treasure always, as I plan to continue to volunteer my time to such a worthy cause.

Miss North Toronto World 2019 – Tish Thompson

Written by: Tishina
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Hello everyone! This is Laetitia, your Miss District of Toronto World 2019. Thank you for stopping by my blog post.

This year, I had the massive pleasure of taking part in the Markham Canada Day Parade. It was a very beautiful day and I was able to meet so many people!

I wore a long, red gown by my sponsor One Love One Dream Bridal Salon and Formalwear. It made me feel like a princess.

I had adventures and lessons along the way, so here is a bit of “Storytime” *jazz hands*:

I had this amazing plan lined up where I was going to stroll through the parade in a gorgeous BMW convertible car. I was sooooo excited…that is, until the driver informed me close to the date that he was unable to make it! Nooooooo!
Wow, trying to find a last-minute convertible for Canada Day was such a challenge. At first, I was nervous but then you realize that this is just life and that things do not always go as planned and you need to make the best of everything. So, I started thinking of options and pumping myself up for alternative modes of transportation (specifically, my own two feet).
Just as I had determined myself to walk the parade (in heels, no less!), my dress sponsor, Janet, came to the rescue! She got her business van sparkling clean and came down all the way from Courtice to Markham for the parade.

I joked last year with a friend that “It takes a city to crown a queen” and to this day, I still think it applies. A Queen is really nothing without her community and the support she receives from it. I am very blessed to have such a kind sponsor who went above and beyond for this special day. I also learned to make the most of situations and to take everything with a positive attitude. Things always have a way of resolving themselves! I am also blessed to have met so many wonderful people that day and for bringing smiles to each others’ faces.

We started the parade by lining up on the side of the road near our float numbers. People were coming to my car to say hello, take pictures and chat before the parade even began! Some were very shy to approach but a big wave and smile made them more comfortable.

During the parade, we drove slowly through the streets, waving at an electric crowd.

We ended the parade in ​Milne Dam Conservation Park for more Canada Day festivities.

I came to Canada when I was eight. I love my country of birth, Haiti, for its culture, beauty, and strength. Sadly, it is also full of fear, violence, and discord. After growing up in Canada for so long, I sometimes forget how lucky I am to feel safer. Canada Day is always a good reminder to celebrate this fact. We should always cherish what we have with gratitude. So, Happy Canada Day everyone!

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Namaste from Miss Brampton 2019! 

This past weekend I had the opportunity to be a part of the Indian Pavilion, or Carabram 2019! It is a 3 day festival celebrating the culture of India and Hawaii with performances, decorations, food and much more! 

Indian Pavilion 2019

I had the opportunity to be a part of the opening ceremony which included cutting the cake on stage, lighting of the candle, and saying a few words along with the Mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown! This is Day 1 of the ceremony! I had an incredible time seeing the culture of India and Hawaii, tasting the great food and meeting all of the performers and people! 🙂

Written by: Neisha
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Photo de Jany Scherer -Miss World Canada Delegate 2019.

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog as a Miss World Canada Delegate. I am very excited and honoured to be representing the Northern Corridor at such a life changing event.

I just graduated high school a few weeks ago and I am looking forward to the next chapter of my education journey. In the fall, I will be attending College and I am so ready for this!

After 4 years, I proudly receive my High School Diploma from École secondaire publique Écho du Nord in Kapuskasing.

As you get to know me by reading this blog, you will quickly understand that I am the kind of person who is always seeking for an opportunity to discover and learn new things and to constantly challenge myself.

Being born and raised in Northern Ontario has given me the opportunity to take part in many experiences that I will forever be grateful for such as being a Legislative Page at Queen’s Park, being chosen to be a player on Team Ontario Volleyball, playing on multiple sports teams (hockey, basketball, tennis, badminton…), being a dance teacher, representing our beautiful country on an Exchange Student Program in Austria and participating in my first pageant where I was crowned Miss Northern Corridor 2018. I was dreaming of this moment since the first time I attended this event when I was only 6 years old. 🙂

All smiles for that future crown.
Photo de Jany Scherer.
Moments after my crowning at the Miss Northern Corridor Pageant in Kapuskasing, February 2018.

I believe that everyone has a passion and as a leader I love helping people find what they are passionate about. This past Fall, I had the opportunity to start teaching hip hop dancing classes to young kids from my community. Acting as a role model for the dancers and seeing them develop during every single lesson is what made me realize how easy it is to have a positive impact on someone.

One of my Hip-Hop dance student and I during the year end show, December 2018.

It is in elementary school that I found what I loved to do… Sports! Since that time, I have been an active young woman who loves to set goals and persevere until I reach them. I am an athlete who enjoys playing hockey, golf, volleyball, basketball and much more. Ever since I started joining those different sports teams, it has made me grow as a leader, it has shown me the true meaning of dedication. I strongly believe that you can do anything you want to do if you put the effort into it.

With my coach – who is also my dad – after winning in the finals!

Summer of 2017, I left for Moncton, New Brunswick alongside of 11 other skilled athletes to compete in the Franco-Canadian Games (Jeux de la Francophonie Canadienne) which consisted of 12 days of intensive training and games, I developed not only as a player but as a proud Canadian representing Ontario. I met incredible people who made me discover their part of our beautiful country.

As I mentioned, I was chosen by the Regional Rotary Club to represent Canada in Austria for the Student Exchange Program. Make sure to be looking out for my 2nd blog as I will share details about this amazing journey!

Au revoir!

Jany Scherer

Written by: Jany
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As a person who strives to succeed in her career in hopes of becoming a dermotologist or a family doctor and helping those in need, a part of the experience comes from actually getting your hands dirty in the field.

As I am currently going into my last year at the University of Toronto Mississauga, it’s been an incredible journey learning everything I need to know about my field before I graduate. Alongside my studies, for two years, I currently volunteer at the William Osler Health Centre in Etobicoke in the Emergency department. This includes helping doctors and nurses around the floor, cleaning rooms and ensuring the rooms are stocked and ready to go with patient. Nevertheless, the job also includes ensuring that the patient’s are highly cared for and providing the utmost support!

Samosa Fundraising Sale

On June 19th, I had the opportunity to be a part of a Code Silver Exercise which enacts a scenario of a shooter being inside the buliding and the correct protocols that we need to do to ensure the safety of the staff and patients while trying to gain control of the situation. I played a victim with a gunshot wound to the leg.

Playing a victim with a gunshot wound.

It was incredible seeing the number of people involved during the exercise, the hospital staff and volunteers, the police and how effectively we were able to gather together when we heard the shooter coming in, take precautions, follow protocol, and ensure the safety of the patients within the time frame. OF course in real life you can never know what will happen in the spurt of time, but this exercise allowed us to be able to know what to do next and be aware of what happens and what can be done in the future to better be prepared.

The Healthcare world is continuously dedicated to ensuring the best care for their patients, and as of why I’m proud to be a volunteer of an impeccable hospital that definitely strives for what they stand for.

Julie Brown and Anita Ramsawak, volunteer coordinators at William Osler Health Centre

Written by: Neisha
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Hello everyone.

To celebrate National Donut Day I decided to hold a stand in downtown Kitchener where I sold donuts for any amount of donations given. All the proceeds were for the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. I left the decision of what amount each donut should be priced at to my KW neighbours.

I held my stand in front of city hall knowing many people would pass by, especially during the evening. The donuts were made fresh that day so anyone who made a donation would get the best tasting donut I could deliver. I spent the day talking about how the Children’s Wish Foundation fulfills the wishes of children diagnosed with life threatening illnesses.

During the several hours I was in front of city hall I had the obstacle of keeping the toppings on the donuts from melting. Sadly National Donut Day was 25 degrees. But after a long day I was able to sell almost all of the donuts and the rest were given to those who were in need thus given a donation to the local area.

As well as planning out the stand I had a custom banner created at a local print shop. The donuts were purchased at Norris Bakery, both small businesses located in Kitchener, Ontario.

I had a great time and received so much love and support from my community. Being able to meet more people from my town and making new connections helped me make a positive  impact as Miss Waterloo Region.

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Welcome to the Miss Ontario blog site! Thank you for dropping by. Please take your time scrolling through and supporting our numerous initiatives. Let’s get to know each other. 

My name is Laetitia- which means “Joy” in Latin. I am your Miss Toronto District World 2019 and it is my second year in the Miss World pageant system.

Photographer: Christel Photography

I initially chose to join this organization due to its focus on community involvement and emphasis on bringing out the best in every contestant. I chose to come back a second time, for all the wonderful friendships and the unforgettable memories that are created. I am so excited to be representing the Toronto District this year and I hope to make everyone proud.  To get to know me better, here are two teaser facts about me. Stay tuned for me throughout my next blog posts!

Photographer : Rupinder Singh

I am bilingual 

I am fully bilingual in both of Canada’s official language. I went through the French board for my schooling but growing up in the suburbs, I was often the only immigrant in my class. During English class or outside of class time, I was so shy about my accent in English that I would only respond in French to my classmates.

It all changed when I went to University and met so many other people with accents too!

Nowadays, I am immensely grateful that I was able to keep learning in my home language while learning English at the same time. It has opened so many opportunities for me such as teaching French Immersion, helping fellow French-speaking contestants at Miss World Canada 2018 and translating during the interviews for Miss Teenage Canada 2018.

Translating during the interviews last year for Miss Teenage Canada 2018.

I am a teacher 

I started teaching elementary school right out of university which means I wrapped up my fourth year of teaching this month. I love teaching in French Immersion because knowing multiple languages opens you up so much to the world. I am happy to provide my students with this wonderful stepping stone in life.

I taught Grade 1 for three years at a school focused on self-regulation, then a Grade 5/6 split this year at a school focused on STEM (Science Technology Engineer Math). Next year, I will be teaching Grade 4 at a school following the OPAL program (a play-based program promoting healthy and active development– at recess, the students can climb trees, run in puddles, get muddy—Can you tell how jealous I am that we didn’t have this program growing up?). I am looking forward to seeing what this new year will unfold!

One of my munchkins creating a masterpiece.

Thank you for stopping by and for supporting our journey.

Written by: Laetitia
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A day late but what’s time when you work night shift lol.

My Canada Day was such a busy and wonderful day. I spent it downtown Kingston with some friends and my brother.

We ventured up and down every street, stopping at every store. The Main Street wa a closed to help control traffic and protect pedestrians. A bouncy castle was inflated to ensure everyone was included. There were live bands all day, all local, including a new band called The Wilderness. I had the pleasure to meet the band after the fireworks and they let me take their set list.

Of course, there was too much food to eat; not only had I packed a lunch, but we also indulged in White Mountain ice cream, Score pizza, and BeaverTails.

Even with the crowd, we managed to get some photos in front of city hall. And then something unexpected happened- people asked to take pictures with me and of me. I was entirely surprised! It was such a strange and exciting feeling. After meeting so many people, and as I walked, more people felt comfortable enough to come up to me and introduce themselves.

Many people didn’t even know there was a Canada pageant, but still graced me with “good luck”s. After a while, we sat at Confederation Park. With city hall to my left, the lake and water feature on my right, music in front of me, and beautiful people all around me, I couldn’t have felt more in love and confident in the community I am representing. Happy 152nd Canada Day! ❤️🇨🇦

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