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Sadly, we’re coming to an end to the Miss Canada pageant! It’s been a real fun time this entire week full of laughter, fun, distress, exhaustion and tons of rehearsals! But I’m glad to have done it with my pageant sisters that I’ve met through this whole journey!

Day 6 consisted of rehearsals for the final show taking place tomorrow, then followed by a dinner at The Spoke Club Restaurant! This restaurant had amazing meals, the food was ridicuously amazing, a ton of flavour and it looked really appetizing, as well as a runway fashion walk on the rooftop! As nervous as we all were to walk down that runway, it was very fun with the crowd cheering us along the way.

Day 6 was the last day I had during the Miss Canada pageant and I had the most fun experience throughout which is the most important! I learned a lot from others and will definitely take what I learn today with me tomorrow! 🙂

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Today was the day, it was finally Preliminary Rounds! This is the competition that will help determine who will be the top 20 moving on to the finals, who will walk the stage in swimwear and their evening gown choice!

It was so exciting and nerve wracking, but I was able to share it with my pageant sisters! Starting off the day, we had rehearsals learning dance moves for the finals, the opening number, followed by several hours of preperations of getting reaady for the show later that evening.

It was a lot of fun in the end, everyone was nervous when it came to swimwear as that was our first walk so for most, including myself, it felt very rough, but the flow eventually changed more smoothly when it came to the evening gowns which I loved!

Evening Gown Preliminary competition
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Day 4 of Miss World Canada, we began the day really early, waking up at 4am in the morning, getting ready to head downtown to CP24 to do a mini interview about the pageant! This was a really unique, fun experience becaue it’s not everyday someone can be on tv!

Afterwards we made our way to City hall in which we received a letter and a pin! Afterwards we met up with Moses – creater of Zoomers, Diana Ali – who volunteers her time in the himilayas to volunteer to help the hungry children , and Dragoneta who helped womens eqality and became her own boss for designing, for an amazing talk about the work that they do and how they were able to succeed!

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Today, we began the day doing our Fitness test at the Reebok Crossfit centre! It was INTENSE of a workout! It really pushed us to the limit in order to push ourselves harder to know our limit and try our best to get a really good time and score! As in a pageant, it’s always important to keep a healthy lifestyle!

For dinner, we began to eat at Congee Queen restaurant which served absolutely amazing chinese food! It was incredible, everyone was so welcoming and warm, it made a perfect ending to the day!

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Starting off Day two of miss world candy, we began the day with doing photoshoots and videoshoots! These were fun! I had an amazing time posing and walking for the camera, taking a lot of photos and experiencing my time with my pageant sisters!

Although it was tiring and a lot of work, I was able to get everything done and make it in time for my interview with the judges! Although being interviewed can be nerve wracking, it’s an exciting experience that challenges you to exceed your knowledge and confience level within yourself. It allows you to grow as a person not only in communicating with others but also being able to convey your ideas to others as well!

To diminish our famine in-between takes, we enjoyed amazing noodles by panpan noodle bar which were very good! 🙂

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For Day 1 of Miss Canada, we attended a Gala for the restaurant, Neruda, which had amazing food, the vibe was there and it was a nice setting to meet all of our sponsors and others competing in the pageant! Everyone was so nice, had a good time, and took some really nice photos! Couldn’t have been more exciting to start the week off!

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On Sunday, June 21, I began my journey off to the start of the Miss World Canada Pageant! I’m so excited to see what the day is going to bring, excited to meet all of my pageant sisters, and all the new experiences that I will have throughout this week! 🙂

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My beauty, with a purpose, is to unconditionally support women in sport. I am in love with
Taekwondo (TKD); rawness, individualism, and perseverance are words that come to mind when
reflecting on my past interactions with such an elegant sport.

However, through all my accomplishments, there was always the subtle and ominous, yet extremely
evident, sense I was always looked down upon; this perception was due to my gender, not my
athletic ability. Being an athlete is difficult. Being a female athlete is difficult. Being a female athlete,
competing on the world stage in a stereotypically labeled “fighting” sport is arduous.
To paint a picture:
In YEAR, I received a tweet from Canada’s TDK wishing me congratulations for winning
Canada’s first gold medal of the day at the Commonwealth Games. My teammate, and
lifelong friend had just lost his semi-final fight, concluding his tournament with a bronze
medal. Following the presentation of his medal were interviews, posts flooded on ever
Instagram feed, and overwhelming support, projecting him onto a pedestal of praise.
Although I was incredibly proud of him and partook in celebrations with him, I could not help
but feel flustered. I left the arena early to recover from an injury that prevented prolonged
standing. The subsequent day I was, nonchalantly, handed a glass plaque. To my surprise,
when I read the plaque, I was named female MVP. My hard work had paid off and I had not
feelings of pride within myself. The only thought pacing around in my mind was a quote from
Charlotte Elizabeth Whitton (Mayor of Ottawa from 1951-1956): “Whatever women do, they
must do twice as well as a man, just to be thought of as half as good”.

The opportunity to compete on a global stage exposed me to the harsh reality that women are often
seen as second tier in the sporting community. This viewpoint limits the growth of today’s generation
of young women. If I am able to alter this viewpoint to foster more confident women, I will.
Since being selected as a Miss World Canada delegate I have been using my title to teach TKD
classes to children at local community centers and self-defense for women and men at Ryerson
University. If rewarded a grant, I plan to teach self-defense to girls in low income areas. The world is
such a frightening place and the sad reality is it is often not safe for young women.
I often think how one little action or piece of information, a large majority of these tragic events could
be prevented. Community centers, schools and even after care programs should all be teaching selfdefense to children. Not only does it keep them safe and aware of how to approach altering
circumstances, they’ll also be taught discipline and what respect truly means. I would be more than
delighted to teach children what I have personally learned over the past 10 years from my sport, and
I would be more than honored to see what they, in return, teach me. One class that I had thought at
a Montessori school changed my teaching experience forever:
Page 4 of 4
Promoting Women in Sport Andrea Jerom – Promoting Women in Sport
To incentivize students at the end of a class, we would part take in “board breaking”, asking
the students to write down what they fear most on each board. Afterwards, we physically
broke the board to symbolize the metaphoric breaking of those fears. Most boards were quite
generic, listing what I would describe as rational or not uncommon fears (e.g. spiders, the
dark, snakes etc.). I was stopped in my tracks when I came across a very specific board,
written by one of the little girls in the class which read: “bullies”. My heart immediately
dropped to my stomach. I carefully inquired with her to learn more and she informed me that
she routinely is bullied by her class mates for “looking funny”. I fought back the tears as hard
as I could and told her that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and that I had
mistaken her for a princess. To see her smile widen and eyes glow meant the world to me.
The setting of influence as described above is my passion now. Encouraging others (specifically
women) is my passion now. Above all, meeting all princesses of Canada is my passion now.

Written by: Andrea
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The path to who I am now has been challenging, wavering, and most of all rewarding. Full disclosure: I never thought I would be competing in a beauty pageant. The reason for my past
reservation was the result of pre-conceived notions affiliated with the passion I pursued in life, not a resentment toward the pageant environment or its patrons.

Here is a little bit about me; the past 7 years of my life I have represented Canada in the sport of taekwondo! I was the #1 world ranked Junior in 2016 and #13 world ranked Senior (female) in 2018 while
competing in TKD. During my tenure, I have had the pleasure of training with the most incredible
women; from Olympic gold medalists to world champions, these women were amongst the top 10%
of the world with regards to physical fitness. With help from family and friends, it was these women
and their leadership that provided me the opportunity to be a Team Canada athlete for 7 years,
accomplishing more than I thought was ever possible. Amidst these accomplishments are:
 Gold Medalist:
o Commonwealth Games, 2015 & 2017 (Female MVP in 2017)
o Spanish Open
o Presidents Cup,
 Silver Medalist:
o US Open
o Pan American Championship
 Bronze Medalist:
o German Open
 Accolades:
o Top 5 Athlete, World University Games
o Top 8 Athlete, Youth Olympic Games
o Top 8 Athlete, World Championships
o Buzz Feed’s student of the month, September 2017
 Sponsorships:
o Bell Canada, 2016 to present
o Petro Canada, 2017 to 2018

To be honest I never thought that me myself an athlete, that is constantly covered in bruises, strutting around in workout clothes, could ever even compete in a beauty pageant, let alone Miss World Canada. That was until early 2019 I had decided to retire from being a fulltime athlete and focus on my future, this being school, job opportunities and to relieve my body of the toll it had taken from taekwondo. I was beyond confused as to what to do with myself. I had spent the past 10 years of my life training 3 times a day representing my country, and now what? Everything I had worked so hard for and essentially lived for was thrown down the drain. I was so confused as to what to do with myself. That was until my mom secretly signed me up to compete for Miss World Canada. And ironically, I find myself back to what I love doing, representing my city, province and country

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What’s Up Everyone!

Good morning, I hope everyone is doing well. Can’t believe the time has finally come and I am almost ready to leave for the Miss World Canada competition. Leading up to this moment I wasn’t really nervous or thinking about it too much, but is it not always like that… the day of, opposite feelings rush in. You become worried, nervous, scared, but hey I just keep telling myself things will be good and just be confident and enjoy yourself.

Getting ready for the Miss World Canada competition took a lot of preparation and dedication and people may think you do not need to do much, but you would be surprised. All the prepping mentally and physically, clothes, social media, charity fundraising, keeping up with your fitness and more is something you cannot do overnight. Thankfully, because I live in the area I only started packing last night and I am still not fully done. 🙂 

Going into this, I was doing something bold that I wouldn’t typically see myself doing and I hope this week proves to me participating in things out of your ordinary is worth it. I can’t wait to meet all of the delegates from all over Canada and partake in a variety of events and activities that I don’t normally do. I always like to try new things and this is a wonderful opportunity for just that. Lastly, I want to thank God for letting me have this opportunity as well as the organization of Miss World Canada and I wish everyone the best of luck and see you all soon!

*P.S. I wanted to add some pictures to this blog post but unfortunately it would not let me upload them, I will just attach them with the post to the Miss Ontario World facebook page*



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