Hi everyone,

One of my passions is writing. Writing allows me to express my thoughts, bring imagination to life and breed emotion. I dedicate this piece to The Children’s Wish Foundation and to the children.

I was born today and I’m here to stay.

My family loves and cares for me. I had an idea this is how life would be.

They feed me, teach me meaningful lessons and show me how to love. What I like most? all of the above.

My  favorite family activity is to watch TV and yes of course, programs on Disney.

My dream is to meet Ariel, the under water mermaid character. I would absolutely love to play with her!

Then one day I became sick. My family wondered why I was the one God picked.

I fight the illness the best way I know how, but the sickness seems to be taking over me now.

I am told I don’t have a lot of time to live. Lord please, I just want to be a kid.

Maybe I’ll be granted a wish before I pass. Can I see Ariel who always wanted to walk on grass?

My family says they know who can help… so they called upon the nation.

Thanks for helping us all… Children’s Wish Foundation.

-From every child to You. Thank you.

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