Day 2 is complete at the Miss World Canada national pageant! All the delegates had a very busy day in their hotel. The morning started with makeup for all the girls, Erin had her makeup done by Serena Rae who also did her makeup for the qualifying Miss Ontario pageant.

Next Erin went to film the video that will be shown if she makes the top twenty, she was very proud that she did this in one take. Following the video Erin had her photoshoot with Erwin Loewen in a 1962 cadillac.

Then the moment of truth, Erin had her interview with the judges. This is the first impression with the judging panel and the first score given at the national pageant. It went very well and she is pleased with the outcome.

Erin had her fitting for the runway show, the outfits for the pageant, and she received her official Vangelo shoes. Her ate her delicious clean meals for lunch and dinner.

The evening consisted of pageant walk and choreography prep. Erin is ready for another exciting day tomorrow!

Written by: Erin
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