Unfortunately, we live in a world where the media believe that we have to hate our bodies and that we can never achieve perfection. This mentality causes destructive thoughts, can lead to eating disorders, and persuades a negative view on ones body image. Miss Ottawa World 2018 wants to change that! Her Beauty with a Purpose Campaign is “One Size Does Not Fit All” that aims to celebrate body diversity. This campaign encourages everyone to love the skin they are in no matter what age, size, ethnicity, or orientation. Our imperfections make us beautiful and leading a healthy and active lifestyle should be of more importance that looking a certain way as deemed “beautiful” my media standards.

Miss Ottawa is very aware that her body type does not fit the traditional mold for the pageant industry and she would like to shake the status quo by being a role model to girls to embrace everything that they have to offer. Miss Ottawa wanted to spread this positive campaign with her community so she hosted an open photoshoot to anyone who wanted to join. The purpose of the shoot was to feel great in your own skin and have fun! Here are some of the images and quotes from participants, photographed by Robin Collier.

We are all beautiful. We are all unique.

“No snowflake is alike just as no body is alike, our pursuit should be in loving oneself in mind body and spirit. Worries of comparison, normalcy, and beauty standards to our fellow sisters and brothers breeds a negativity which distracts from the ability to love one another to our fullest potential.” -River

“I believe it’s important for us to take comfort in our own conception of beauty. We’re accustomed to what the outside world deems attractive, prompting many of us to be sidelined because our complexion, our skin type, our size failed to meet unrealistic standards. Once we deconstruct societal norms and disregard the white noise dictating how we should live our lives, we stand a stronger chance celebrating our unique features”- William

“In my teens, I was self-conscious, often finding myself to be both the palest AND shortest person in the room. I’ve come to realize that all bodies are good bodies. Body diversity is more than just accepting – it’s about embracing. I embrace my body and myself, even though I have to hoard SPF 100 sunscreen.”- Ashley

“No two people are alike. My look is my own and if anyone doesn’t like it that’s their problem. One size does not fit all.”- Stephanie

“I like to take my glasses off when I go to the gym. I get to do my own thing in my own little world inhabited by vaguely humanoid shapes, not unlike what you might find in a really old 8-bit videogame. I owe a lot to Step aerobics classes – in fact, I’d just finished one before the photo shoot. One does Step purely because one chooses to. It was so liberating when I discovered it; high school phys ed was such a miserable experience for me. I push myself these days, but sometimes I feel like I’m racing to achieve physical exhaustion before I’m overcome by the existential futility of it all. In the end we’re all just going to grow old and turn into dirt; why should we spend so much time before then subjecting ourselves to needless agony? Who am I trying to impress? Why should I work so hard to impress anyone so concerned with physical appearance?”- Kevin

“I am and have dealt with the an eating disorder for most of my life because of the “quote, unquote modelling industry and what they perceived as beautiful.” Size 0-2.
I had gotten down to that size and I was so sick being a 5ft 9inch woman. I am a mother of 2 now teenagers. Do I have some stretch marks… yup. Do I have cellulite… yup but it’s my body. These are tiger stripes from a mother to her children.

For the last 5 years I have devoted myself and my life to weightlifting and being healthy. I have muscle and I’m fit and I have never felt more beautiful and healthy in my own body. Anyone that tells me that I’m big or that I need to lose weight or shames me in any way should meet me in the gym”- Emily

“It’s important to believe in who you are rather than who you are to others”- Abby

“Beauty comes in all colours, shapes, and sizes- more importantly, beauty comes from within”- Linda

“Growing up I thought men were supposed to have big muscles and strong, flat stomachs. I carried this belief into adulthood. It wasn’t until recently that I have let go of this preconceived idea of what a man is supposed to look like. I don’t have big muscles or superhero abs, and I’m okay with that. I am still a man.” – Kaile

“The pageant industry is definitely challenging because looks do play an important role, but I don’t believe they are everything. Pageants showcase strong, successful women and how important we are to society. Leading up to a National pageant it is very easy to see the other competitors on social media and compare yourself to them. Social media is a great tool for exposure but we must all be mindful that social media is just a highlight reel of everyone’s best moments. This can be so destructive. I am me and you are you. Let’s all be uniquely beautiful and show confidence in our qualities”- Erin, Miss Ottawa 2018

Written by: Erin
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