Miss World Canada 2018 is only 2 days away! You have been following the delegates and their journeys leading up to the national pageant, but what goes on in the last few days?

Miss Ottawa would like to share her last minute tips and tricks for the final countdown leading up to Miss World Canada 2018.

Time to pamper yourself

Looking good and feeling good is an important part of pageantry. Erin, Miss Ottawa, takes the last week before the pageant to get pampered. This includes getting her nails and hair done, getting a spray tan with iTan, filling her lashes with Terri, and getting a hydrafacial.

Get organized

Mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation. Erin takes the final week to make check lists and go over everything that she will need to bring to the pageant. Packing early is always a great way to make sure that she does not forget anything.

Meet with sponsors

In the final week Erin met with her jewellery sponsor Maria Al-Masani and with the designer of her pageant gown Michele Beaudoin for a final fitting. Erin also would like to take the time to thank Ottawa West Orthodontics for being her premiere sponsors for Miss World Canada 2018.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Erin would like to congratulate all of the Miss World Canada 2018 delegates for their remarkable achievements leading up to the pageant week. When you know you are in a fierce competition with over 50 other girls at times it can be intimidating, but Erin encourages each and every delegate to wear their crown with confidence and celebrate their uniqueness.

Written by: Erin
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