This Canada Day long weekend Erin, Miss Ottawa World 2018, was one of the judges at the Ms/Mr Multicultural pageant. The judging panel included members of pageant world: Miss Ottawa 2018 and Miss World Venezuela 1988, as well as many different representatives from the multicultural community.

The evening not only hosted a pageant in which a Ms and Mr Multicultural Canada were crowned, but the show featured dance and singing performances representing different countries around the world.

Canada is known for being a multicultural mosaic. This pageant showcased all the best qualities that the multicultural society of Canada has to offer. It was a time to come together as Canadians but also celebrate our difference and what makes each nation and culture unique.

Miss Ottawa had the chance to meet some pageant sisters Ms Canada United Nations and Mrs. Eastern Canada Globe. She also had the opportunity to present crowns, sashes, and trophies to the title holders. Erin thought that judging a pageant was the perfect opportunity to study pageantry leading up to the Miss World Canada pageant at the end of this month. Judging gave her the opportunity to see a pageant at large and take note on the types of qualities that judges will be looking for when it is her turn to compete.

Miss Ottawa would like to congratulate Doroty Davis-Payne (Gautemala) and Adnan Hajar (Lebanon) on being crowned Ms and Mr Multicultural Canada. 

Written by: Erin
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