Hello everyone, so I have been looking for the day to actually write this and tell people my story about how my life was saved in a car accident twice last year and I’m happy to say I AM AN OVERCOMER AND A WINNER…..

Last year, sometime in the summer, I was on my way out and as usual, I took the 401 high way and it was a moving slow traffic. I had some people in my car and I was supposed to drop them off before heading out and from no where someone from behind hits my car and the whole tail gate was smashed. Below is a picture of the first accident and also a picture of the other persons car that hit me.

This other truck above is the one that hit my car from behind. All I can say is that I’m just greatful for my life and I appreciate everyday as it goes by.

The second time was really bad and this was around the winter time last year, when the devil tried it again, to take my life but this time God had to prove to the devil that He is able and He is God. He took charge and took care of the whole scene. I would attach a video and links to watch the other videos below.









The above links are to watch the videos of the accident that happened and how the car looks. The car was a total write off, air bags came out, tyres got bad, the engine got bad and everything in the jeep was just wrecked.

This story is one that I would never forget in my life, as I was saved again for the second time in a year from death and this time it was also on the highway. I was coming back from somewhere and was on the 400, very left lane that moves fast. I was going straight and then another car was beside me. I was not sure what this car was trying to do but I knew I had my right of way and I was not switching lanes any time soon. The car beside me was a Chevrolet and this car was also on high speed and I started to realize that this car wants to overtake me and switch lanes.

I was in my lane, driving accordingly and there was really nothing I could do because its a Highway and every car moves fast. So it was either I slow down so the Chevrolet can overtake me or I try to move ahead. But then again slowing down was not too much of a good idea, as there was a car directly behind me. As I decided to just be in my lane and on my pace, the person in the other car just switched lanes at the wrong time when we were still side by side. The guy in the car hit my car so hard that it bounced on and off the barriers of the highway four times. I was just waiting for it to tumble in the air and then explode. But when I say I am a WINNER, I am not joking about it.I literarily saw death before my very eyes and I told myself one thing that day, that if I was going to die that day and in that manner, I would not close my eyes. I would open them to see what is happening and to my surprise, as I did open my eyes to see what was happening, I was in total shock, as I saw cars drive past me while the accident was happening and while my car was all over the highway, I was shocked no other car ran into me and vice versa.

Being alive today for me is a blessing and I can never stop thanking GOD for that. I know He did keep me for a purpose and a reason and I am so glad He did. I had no scratches what so ever and even the cops at the reporting centre were shocked as to how I was looking okay, even with the air bags coming out, I still did not have any scratch. I just told them I am VICTORIOUS AND I WAS BORN TO WIN AND OVERCOME.

Competing in Top Model Search Canada and now Miss World Canada, is like a blessing to me and also one of the ways God is saying he is going to bless me and open doors for me. I have always wanted to give back to the society, travel round the world and help people, have a positive impact in peoples lives and conquer the world. Growing up, I have always been so quiet and reserved, I was never bold enough and that got to me a lot. I hardly knew how to make friends. But looking at me now, I would say I am so proud of myself and how far I have come, in terms of relating with people, getting involved in positive things that would help change the lives of those that need it.

Also, I am just so happy that I am better and also looking forward to making myself the best that I can possibly be. I know I am beautiful and I sure do have a purpose in life which I am yet to accomplish and make come to pass. I hope as anyone reads this, they are able to learn one or two things and I hope this reaches out and touches whoever needs to read this, more like a blessing and not a curse.

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