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My name is Melissa, I am 25 years old, and I am extremely honoured to represent Oakville Ontario at Miss World Canada 2018.  For my first blog post, I would like to share some important details with you all.  Let’s get to know one another a little bit better!

A Brief Introduction

I have always been dedicated to attaining a higher level of education.  I believe hard work and perseverance will propel you forward to achieve your aspirations.  In 2014, I completed my undergraduate studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, obtaining a BSc in Honours Health Science, specializing in Medical Psychology and minoring in Biology.

Convocation at Wilfrid Laurier 2014 and McMaster University 2018

From there, I knew I needed to pursue a profession aimed at continuously helping others.  As such, in June 2018 I completed my second BSc at McMaster University in the Accelerate Nursing Program.  It was a whirlwind all on its own:  I enhanced my clinical skills and judgement in a vast array of specialty units, including Labour and Delivery, General Medicine, Surgery, Long Term Care, and my true passion in Mental Health.   I am forever grateful for the personal and professional growth I achieved from all these experiences.  And to each and every patient I met along my way…thank you.  Thank you for including me in your journey.

As a new nurse graduate, I am thrilled to begin working at Oakville Trafalgar Hospital in the Adult Inpatient Mental Health Unit this year! My true passion has finally come to fruition.

Other Hobbies and Endeavours

In addition to my academic success, I have continued my passion in the acting and modelling industry for the past 8 years.  I have landed various TV roles, feature and short films, print campaigns, and proudly model for IT cosmetics on The Shopping Channel.  You can visit my profile Melissa Young (XXV) on IMDb.com for more insight.

Another hobby of mine is my fitness.   Whenever I am stressed out, putting my energy into fitness and exercise has always helped.  Whether it be barre yoga, dancing, circuit training, trampoline fitness, or my own workout at the gym, I always appreciate trying new things.  Which brings me to my next hobby: travelling.

Can you guess where I have been? (Hint: Each place below is in a different country, but it is not the exhaustive list!!)

Travelling puts you in a completely different mindset.  It exposes you to different cultures and different ways of living.  It shows you how to live in the moment and unplug from social media (for once)!  But most of all, it shows you there is no place like home, and that we are extremely lucky to live here in Canada.

My One Piece of Advice

One of the most important things I have learned, is do not let any 1 quality or characteristic define you.  Be who you want to be.  I am proud to have so many passions in life.  I am an adventurer, an actor, a nurse, and a feminist.  And being any one of those qualities does not make me any less of the other.  I strive to be a well-rounded individual and I constantly seek new learning opportunities because I want to be the version of myself.

So I will tell you this.  We are ALL more than one quality.  Do not allow yourself to be labelled or compartmentalized.  We are intelligent, beautiful, kind and funny in our own way.  We need to appreciate one another for our similarities and differences.  Remember to be strong, be kind, and be confident in yourself.

Beauty with a Purpose: Let’s Talk Mental Health

As a new graduate nurse and mental health advocate, I am devoted to promoting the health and wellness of others.  In particular, I have focused my career path on improving the mental health of our community.

In any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians experience a mental illness or addiction (The Center for Addiction and Mental Health, 2018).  I have seen first-hand how the stigma attached to mental health remains a barrier to receiving help.  As such, I will be collaborating with hospitals to create mental health awareness campaigns aimed at opening the conversation, early identification and intervention of mental illness conditions, and ultimately ensuring quality care is provided.

Join Me on My Journey to Miss World Canada

To be perfectly candid, this is my first pageant experience!  I hope you will follow me on my journey to Nationals, as I am grateful to share my future success and obstacles along the way.  To me, Miss World Canada is more than a beauty pageant.  It is an opportunity to communicate a truly meaningful message to better our community, where I will continue to advocate for quality care and kindness all the way through.

Please stayed tuned for more details on my beauty with a purpose project and upcoming events I will be attending.


With love and kindness,


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