Hi! It’s nice to e-met you! To be honest, I am both nervous and excited to share my Miss World Canada journey with you, because I haven’t done anything like this before. My thinking is – just be myself and see who would like to keep up with me (hoping you would). Here’s a photo of me being overly happy at the thought of you being interested:

Instead of telling you a little about myself to begin with, I should probably tell you how I stumbled upon the Miss World Canada pageant and the crazy road I went down to make it to the stage! (I promise you it’s more interesting!) Buckle up, because I definitely had to! Haha. Long story short, you know when you discuss something and you realize your phone is listening to you, because you see a post about what you were talking about, on Instagram the next day? Well… like most of us, I was scrolling through my Instagram and I came across the Miss World Canada registration post. The day before, I was talking about pageants. Crazy right? I immediately thought to myself, I should sign up. So I did! The week after, I left Canada for my much needed vacation to sunny Jamaica for my birthday. While on the trip, I was nervous I would get an email saying I didn’t make it to the next stage for pageant interviews (which would totally ruin my vacation and birthday L) Instead, I got an email saying “we would like to set up a skype interview with you, can you interview this week?” My heart was racing! Luckily, I had my laptop with me in Jamaica and somewhat of a quiet place to skype. I searched my luggage for the most professional outfit I had and prepared my face to smile the hardest it’s ever smiled! It was happening! Here’s a photo of me in the outfit I chose to wear for the interview:

I was saying “vote for me” lol

Can you tell I was nervous here? lol

The interview came and went in 10 minutes. I made it out alive! Now I had to wait for the verdict… did I make it in or not? BUT here’s the scary part… my interview took place on Thursday and the pageant was happening on Saturday at 10am! What dress would I wear? How would I do my hair? Will I be ready? Let’s not forget the most important factor… my flight back to Canada was on Friday! Close call right? I finally got the email I was waiting for… Drum roll please… I MADE IT TO THE PAGEANT! Little old me, made it! What a perfect Birthday gift!

Friday came around and this was my only day to prepare for the pageant! I’d hit the stage in 1 day! Can you guess what I had to do to make it all happen? I dare you to stay tuned and you’ll find out! Oh… and bring some popcorn with ya!

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