Day 3 was filled with visits around downtown Toronto for the national delegates of Miss World Canada.

After an intense first practice for the pageant opening routine the delegates headed off to Roxy Bar on King st for some delicious lunch and games of pool. All the contestants got the chance to test out their luck with billiards in this gorgeous downtown Toronto venue.


Next the delegates were off to DiVRge VR arcade to play a game of virtual reality dodgeball. The delegates were paired into 14 teams of four people each with Cynthia Menard on the last team.  This was for a bracketed tournament with prizes donated by KPDI business incubator in Toronto. The prizes were VR headsets that plug into (some) smartphones and most game systems. Erin’s team (the purple cobra’s) won third place!

After working up an appetite the delegates headed off to Pizza e Pazzi St Clair restaurant for an authentic Italian meal with the most delicious tiramisu!

It’s now time for the bed as each delegates prepares for the fitness testing tomorrow morning.

Written by: Erin
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