I was sitting by my little study at the far end of my room in awe of the golden rays of the sun, admiring its reflection on my curtains, it was a beautiful sight which I couldn’t get enough of. This occurrence brought back memories of the journey of my life so far, being a part of top model search Canada and landing myself a scholarship has to be one of my favourite moments in 2018. Not all of my life experiences was as beautiful and breathtaking as the golden rays of the sun as described previously, it wasn’t easy getting to this point in my life.  I had ups and downs, naysayers with negative vibes, the good, bad and ugly. The challenges made me work on myself, always wanting to do better, to be a better version of who I was and I am glad that I am making progress. Meanwhile, I stopped looking back a long time ago because that isn’t the way forward.

I have come to realize that the mind is a vital tool with the sole responsibility to make or mar one’s personal growth or development. You can be a success in whatever you choose to do if you understand the principles on how to use your mind to your advantage. Your actions are a product of your thoughts; Good or bad? Positive or negative? what kind of things do you allow in your mental space? There are so many factors that determines one’s personal growth, I will be revealing the things I allowed in my mental space and I believe these principles I adopted helped me to be a best version of myself, it also helped me tremendously while competing at top model search Canada.

Who/What do you listen to –  I have categorized this in two ways; the positive things I give heed to and the negative ones I shut out. Overtime I have learnt to filter what I hear, be it from family, friends or foe. All through my existence on earth there are people who have believed in me, supported and always there to feed me with words of encouragement, just as there are naysayers who go around spreading negativity. This is where filtering comes handy, I have trained my mind to pay attention to the positive things I hear and ignore the negative ones. People will say a lot of bad things, you will hear a lot of heart wrenching utterances and half the time you might want to give up, please don’t. I remember when someone told me to back out from my modelling career because she thought it was hazardous. Every profession comes with its perks, you should remember the reasons for molding your dreams into reality and the motive behind every move that has been made thus far. Instead of dwelling in negativity, I simply put myself together, get up and let naysayers be who they are because they will not stop. I intentionally pay attention to the good things I have been told because I have a mission and I know what I want. I always tell myself this ‘no negative vibes’.

Who are your friends – Friends play an important role in my life, they are associates who provide the right support. The kind of friends you keep determines the kind of mentality you have, which is why it is pertinent to choose your friends carefully. Before you foster a relationship with anyone, see if they share the same values as you, the same productive growth which might be from different perspectives, do they make a constant effort to work on the betterment of who they once were, do they see the good despite the odds that abound, do they see life as an opportunity to make exploits, do they consider being of help to people and the society at large etc. You will encounter bad friends but do not let it discourage you in selecting the good eggs. Man cannot survive as an island, we all need a squad to hang out with, have our back, cheer us up, correct us when in the wrong, have constructive conversations while creating memorable moments all at the same time. Although, life may call for constant attention, these relationships I have built with good friends. gives room for spiritual and mental renewal. I keep my circle very close because there is only room for positive and productive friends in my space. A good relationship is like gold and they are hard to come by.

Character – Character is a key factor and it is something that must be worked on a daily basis because they are attributes that determines ones moral and ethical actions or reactions. If you have a bad character, then your personality is zero. Your actions or reactions towards things avails you the opportunity to get elevated in certain ways or vice versa. For example, your character shows in your work ethic; As for me, I ensure that I do my best in whatever I lay my hands on, I say no to mediocrity, I do my work diligently, I read for exposure, I apologize when I am wrong, I believe in being fair because the tinniest action can tarnish your image and a good reputation will land you great opportunities. If you preach hard work it should project in your character, if you preach love then you should be someone who cares, you have to practice what you preach e.g. A fitness and wellness coach should look and act the part, it is just the basic principle. You cannot buy a good character, but you have a choice to change from bad to good. Remember that you a product of what you expose yourself to.

Affirmation – A couple of years back, if anyone had told me that I will be a part of Top Model Search Canada or that I will land myself a scholarship to compete for Miss World Ontario I would have had doubts. Things definitely worked out in ways that I am grateful to God for. Every now and then I ensure that I make a solemn declaration of my purpose on earth, who I am, asserting the existence of my worth, my importance in life because I know who I am and I know where I am headed. I ensure that I speak my achievement to life because there is power in the tongue. Doing this on a daily basis has become a habit, a good one to be precise. Speaking positivity into your life is forever trendy, the more you say it the more it becomes real and easy. Affirmative statements like – I know that I will make it, I have been given the capacity to achieve my dreams, I command my success into existence, I beautiful and I will finish well. During the competition, I had a self-inclination that I wouldn’t return empty handed, lo and behold I bagged myself a scholarship, praise be!

Self-Investment – See yourself as an important asset that is invested with an expectation of a profit. Using my case as example; before the competition I had to invest a great deal in myself, I went for trainings, I exercised, I ate right, took my health conscious, I read for my mental wellbeing and exposed myself to a lot of things to make me a better model. Faith without work is dead, if the underground work is not done it might be hard to get what you want. For example, if you do not read before your examination you might be knocking on the doors of failure. One most make a conscious effort to constantly work on the person you are looking to become if not, you might as well be wasting your time. For every time you invest in your personal growth it will eventually yield good results.

Saving the best for last, God has been the pillar of my success. Despite all the factors that I have considered above, the God-factor cannot be removed. Making him a core focus of my life makes everything work together for my good. I couldn’t be more grateful for this path he has laid before me because without him I wouldn’t be here.

Furthermore, remember that you strengthen what you feed, water a plant and it will grow, neglect it and watch it wither away. You don’t want to be the latter do you? Remember that there is a bit of good in bad and a bit of bad in good, the world is home to all kinds of people who share different perspectives about life. Stick to what you believe in!

We thread on different paths, make strategic stops, gather different experiences and acquire new perspectives. The common factor we share is that we are all on a unique journey of our own. For some, it started a long time ago, while for others it just began. One of the amazing facts I cherish about life is that no matter how long it takes, the league of success has enough room to take all and sundry.

It’s never too late to test new waters, it’s never too late to start up that dream neither is it too late to birth that idea. The creator has made provisions; all you have to do is to establish your faith, no matter the age or timing, it’s never too late to join the success train. Put in work and trust the process.

Attached are some pictures to show how I improve on myself or the things that help me become better.#femevolve

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