I live in Toronto, North York, on Sentinel and Finch, close to York University. My neighbourhood is always very busy, with different people walking and driving on the streets of North York. I live in an apartment building and this gives me the opportunity to see people and have neighbours and friends. Close to where I live is the Jane and Finch mall, where I normally visit to do my nails and also visit the printing store there to print a few stuff from my email. I also go to one of the clothing stores there to see if I can get something to buy. The store I visit the most, is the nail store. This is where I do my nails and thread my brows and they do it very well and that always makes me happy.                                                                                                                                 

Jane and Finch mall is not that big of a mall, but it sure has some stores that would attract you. Once in a while in the summer time, they bring rides and toys for kids and also some for the general public, like adults, to come and play and have fun, facial paintings and drawings. I haven’t seen the rides this summer but I’m hoping it is out before the summer is over. There is this particular ride I really like, it is the one that spins u around in a chair and I love this so much because it helps me conquer my fear of heights, so going on this just makes me feel like I can literarily climb anything or go on anything that has heights.

Toronto North York, might not be the safest, as no where is safe. We only try our best to make sure we can be as safe as we can possibly be. Several times, amber alerts or emails from school, when I was still in York university about people getting robbed, killed or raped. This is a very critical issue and it shouldn’t be handled recklessly. These are peoples lives at stake and as such, I would say the police is really doing their best as they are always around patrolling and making sure that everything is okay.

Toronto in general, is a very large city with so many tourist attractions and beautiful places to visit. But my main focus would be about North York because that is the region or part I live in and that is where I want to talk about.   The nail store where I visit is owned by an Asian and the workers there are also Asians. They are so nice and always very accurate and on point with whatever it is you ask them to do. Once you step into their nail store, they attend to you immediately, asking you what you want to do and they immediately assign you to who is available. It is only if you booked an appointment with someone in particular that you like, then that way you get to stay with that person. Walk ins are also allowed but it is a fifty fifty chance as the place could get really busy and filled up. So that is why it is best to book an appointment, or go when you think people would either be at work or it is a week day.

They are so nice and friendly that they make sure they build this relationship with who they make nails for and this can be a very good way to also get tipped, if your nails look very nice and you like it. Some of them could be rude sometimes but I guess it is not everyone that can satisfy you and that is life. But in general, the nail store is also very neat and the workers there are also very neat. You can also do your pedicure and manicure, they also attend to guys.



Getting here, is very easy especially from where I live. I drive, so it is way easier for me. The mall is like 5 mins away from me and it is on Jane and intersection Finch. While I’m on finch and sentinel. The TTC also goes here for those that don’t drive and it is the Bus 35 I believe that drops people off there and the bus stop is just right in front of the mall, which makes it very easy for people to walk there. It is also a walking distance from some houses, to the mall. It is usually fun during the summer time, as everyone is always out and doing something. Be it an activity or event, it is always fun and nice. You can also get to meet new friends, for instance, Jane and finch mall, when they have activities going on there and you attend, you can make a few friends there and you all can go on rides together and have fun together.

My little region is my heart and soul and I cherish every moment. I would not lie, I get scared sometimes, due to the shootings and robberies and the amount of rape that goes on. I thank God I am not a victim and no one that is close to me is. The police, like I said earlier, are doing their best and making sure everyone and everything is in check. I want to say thank you to them. A couple weeks back, I heard news that the incident of rape, has emerged and some ladies started talking and saying who raped them and what not and this are real life instances. I think the case has been taken to the cops and they are investigating. I hope justice prevails. I know no where is safe as every place or country or region has its ups and downs and it is the communities duty to take action and inform the police when they see that anything seems off.

Majority of the people that live around me are blacks, so it is more like a black community. There are few white people living around too, as I have a few friends who I met from York University. North York has African stores around, where I usually visit to buy things that I might not see in a grocery store like No-frills or Freshco. The African store carries typical African products and things that might only been in Africa when you go there. So the African store has made it easy for we Africans here to get what we need.

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This is a picture of the African Store close to my house, they always have what I want

North York can also get very busy, with the schools and churches around and also side malls, where people drive in and out everyday. Like Tim Hortons, Popeyes, McDonalds and so much more. McDonalds’ is also another place I visit most times and it is so close to me. There are two McDonalds’ places, one on Jane and Finch and the other on Keele and Finch. I usually go to the one on Jane and Finch as it is closer. But one thing about this place is that it really gets busy, that there could be a long line up of cars at the drive thru or even inside the place. But McDonalds, is one of the most busiest places and they serve everything fresh and hot and somewhere to count on when you want something to eat immediately.

To finally end this topic, North York, is an administrative area and former city in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located directly north of old Toronto, between Etobicoke to the west and Scarborough on the east. As of the population in 2006, it had a population of 655,913. I hope I have been able to give a little light about where I live and what I I get involved in sometimes, making you understand the positives and also the negatives.

My apartment and how it looks










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